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[ Restaurant Review ] Momi Nonmi, Boston, MA

Momi Nonmi, Inman Square: A wedge-shaped dusky-hued dining corner, Japanese sliding screens half-closed over the open kitchen, a bar a few stools long, a wide window onto the street where a booth makes the nook a window-seat eating experience -- Momi Nonmi has a small-world feel but a global creativity. Understatedly but professionally celiac-safe & gluten-free,  Momi serves a fusion-inspired menu, mostly Japanese, with riffs on Hawaiian and American classics. The food is slightly ostentatious, sometimes contrarily simple. The service is attentive. The company is excellent -- or it was when I went with a friend about a week ago.

(Not to mention, the dinner was preceded by watching the Mister Rogers documentary, Won't You Be My Neighbor? and if dinner can follow that and still impress, it's good.)

Personally, I love Japanese food, and the gentle rhythm of the sharing of small plates, the presentation of the food that seems to inspiring a slower pace in eating. Momi also ins…

GFAF Expo, Worcester/Boston Recap! 2018

I was disappointed to miss the event in Worcester this year. But while I can't personally recap it, I can compile a quick overview for you from my fellow writers, celiac advocates, and attendees. A heap of friends made it, including my roommate.

The GFAF Expo, an annual affair featuring food-allergy consultants and chefs, celiac disease specialists and advocates -- and floor full of vendors chock-full of gluten-free (and other problematic-ingredient-free) food -- is often overwhelming. But it's always a great weekend for discovering and trying fun food in a safe environment, and meeting friends for the day.

Everything But the G caught these shots of the variety of food on the floor (luckily not literally on the floor) : Excellent dairy-free and gluten-free milks from Elmhurst,Banza Pasta (chickpeas! naturally gluten-free -- I love Catherine, their celiac-friendly coordinator, and this company),  and as you can see...

...sacks full of other samples. If you're many-foods-into…

Join Me at the Gluten Free Expo (GFAFExpo), Worcester, July 21-22!

A weekend away, with food you can eat, and educational seminars on all things gluten-free and allergen-friendly -- isn't that a break and more than a half? The Gluten Free Allergen Friendly Expo is back in New England, July 22-23, and I'm giving away 6 tickets!

Join me?
10:00 am – 4:00 pm on Saturday the 21sd 10:00 am – 3:00 pm on Sunday the 22nd To purchase tickets: Purchase here (click the link)

Either for one day or both, the conference hall is well worth a day if you have celiac, or other food restrictions.

But what I love most about these events is the human connections I make.

Recovery from a food-related disease or allergy and joy, come mainly through our relationships: it's doubly important that we get to connect at these events. We get to meet with the local community, with farmers and medical professionals , local restaurants and gluten free brands. That kind of connection is what guarantees the food isn't just labeled gluten-free. That connection is wh…

PRODUCT REVIEW: Mikey's Tortillas, Que Bueno, Guey [ Paleo, GF ]

Mikey's [ ]

"I think we have... oh my word, CJ. I don't know if we have anything. Can you eat a tomato? We have brats - -wait, they have gluten in the filler."

I got off the bus, and in the door where I was staying in St Louis, and I was hungry. Yes, I could eat tomato. But just tomato?

This is how I encountered Mikey's Tortillas.

Digging through my host's freezer -- at her behest -- voila! "What are those? Oh! That's when so-and-so visited..." An entire packaged of gluten-free tortillas.

I've always enjoyed corn tortillas. They're naturally gluten-free; made traditionally, they have that fresh lime-tang offset by a mellow sweetness.

But gluten-free, one doesn't often get a tortilla anything like the small flour ones, those chewy bases  for flautas, hand-sized burritos, and various other and sundry Northern American-Latin fusion food. Mikeys -- grain-free, gluten-free, a…