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GFFAFest Takes Brooklyn, New York (July 28-29, 2018)

Come out, up, or out: In July, the Gluten Free Food Allergy Festival comes back to the Northeast! Hitting Brooklyn on the final weekend of July, this event has already toured the Pacific Northwest, with stops in the Midwest as well.

Gluten Free Food Festival  Brooklyn Expo Center
72 Noble St, Brooklyn, New York, 11222, United States

This convention-cum-festival features vendors, presentations, and general opportunities to connect with resources and fellow food-allergy peers & celiacs. Perhaps the most exciting for many attending -- notably myself the first time I dropped in -- was the chance to discover the variety of things I could eat safely. New products always roll out in these festivals, along with old favourites. So do chances to learn new strategies for living safe and freely, even within the bounds of food-related illness.

Best yet, local and small purveyors of fresh gluten-free fare often showcase their naturally gluten-free (and often concurrently dairy free, vegan, soy-fr…

Celiac Awareness: Its Silent Symptoms & Diagnosis

Celiac Disease: Last month was Celiac Awareness Month. I was mostly out of touch as far as writing goes. Regardless...did you know? Because celiac may not tell you...
What is Celiac Disease? It is an autoimmune condition, which when triggered by the ingestion of gluten (contained in wheat, barley, rye, and any foodstuffs derived from them) causes the immune cells in the small intestine to attack healthy tissue, and destroy the digestive-absorption capacity in the intestine. In everyday parlance: Celiac Disease takes a blowtorch to your gut when you eat gluten.

The peculiar thing about the disease is this: Its symptoms are variable; and sometimes almost non-existent for years.

So-called "classic" celiac manifests as obvious malnutrition. The sufferer's body deteriorates; drops weight for no discernible reason; exhibits and experiences painful gut disturbances, including severe diarrhea, sometimes nausea, vomiting; joint aches and pains, etc.

Few know, however, that more …