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Gluten Free Travel Tips: Tipping It in Ireland

When in Ireland, with celiac (coeliac) disease, keep three things in mind: You're in good hands; allergy/food preparation regulations are strict and staff are knowledgeable; and don't even think about getting mustard.

It's Celiac Disease Awareness Month, and travel is a hurdle for many with this disease. If one has to eat gluten-free, relying on restauranteurs or grocery markets to provide is a tenuous proposition.

What if they hain't got food? What if they don't prepare it safely distant from airborne flour or counter-bound crumbs?

Oh well. I managed for 8 days, and managing was based mainly on the former two of the three-things-to-keep-in-mind (along with a lot of practice, and carrying a backpack of food). All of that aside, when in Ireland...this is a coeliac-tongue-in-gluten-free-cheek, peppered with implicit and actual useful information. But if you pretend it isn't useful, you'll have more fun reading it, I imagine.

When in Ireland with coeliac...