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Restaurant Review: Gluten-Free at Good On Ya Organic Cafe, San Diego

A beach-side cafe with a hipster vibe, Good On Ya Organic serves what its name implies: organic. From the fried eggs, diner-style in the pre-dawn to gluten-free pizzas with seasonal toppings, Good On Ya takes both its customers' dietary restrictions and its fresh, local food seriously.

Whenever I'm in Southern California, I have a standing date with a relative on the beach in San Diego -- beach and breakfast.  Nothing much about the date has changed. The beach at dawn is always fledgeling-warm. It cracks like a robin's egg into scarves of blue and gold over Pacific waves. Nothing much about our walk has changed. It takes us on an adventure dodging rising tides, ducking into used bookstores.

But Good On Ya has metamorphosed many times. Always gluten-free (with a few side options like a flour tortilla or sourdough toast which contain gluten), it nonetheless has served GF waffles, then dropped the waffles; served only breakfast, then added lunch; been counter-service and then…

[ Recipe ] Wicked Easy Gluten Free Cocoa Pancakes for Easter

Although not traditionally gluten free, pancakes don't require the rise-and-bind of gluten and yeast. They're easy to make without wheat or gluten.  But perhaps if you ask around before trying, you'll get a funny array of scoffing, snorting, yea-ing, no-ing, and blank stares.

Do not listen. Srsly.

 I had a family I used to work with reach out, asking for easy pancakes for their celiac, many-allergied seven-year-old.

"But you have celiac disease! You can't eat pancakes," some wicked "wise" teacher told him last week.

A nice example of misinformed.

One can eat pancakes with celiac disease, obviously -- as long as they're gluten-free. These pancakes are chocolate. Simple. And gluten-free. Rather crepe-like, they bend and fold if you want to stuff them. If not, they they have a nice sweet edge under the dusky cocoa, making them easy to eat as snacks, sans syrup or with, fruited or coated in nuts and coconut flakes.

"Easter bread!" I told t…

Restaurant Review: Gluten Free at Ostra, Boston, MA

A seafood and celiac-safe sleek dining destination in Boston, Ostra plays with both surf and turf, with a seasonal menu whose subtlety is serious as its chef's care for avoiding cross-contamination.

Ostra is beautiful. Before you even see your plate, the high ceilings and silver tones of the interior evoke the sea; and they've somehow calibrated acoustics to allow voices and piano played from the entry way to wash more like waves than the racket of Niagara. But beauty and stellar seafood together wouldn't be a good match for me -- or many other autoimmune-abused diners -- if the chef and kitchen weren't so conscientious about safe food preparation. Ostra is one restaurant in which a gluten-free eater, and celiac, will never feel ostracized.

To summarize the stats of just why I felt safe dining out with celiac disease in a few sentences:  The hostess instantly recognized our reservation, and the term "celiac"; she assured us the server would check with us; and …