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Book Review: The Sophisticated Peasant

"Fortunately, there came a point where my desire to get well became stronger than my desire to" do or eat whatever I wanted.
So begins The Sophisticated Peasant, in author Sharon Kane's gentle voice, before transitioning into a treasure trove of personal experience, old and new cooking methods, and recipes rooted in an attitude towards eating as nourishing and palate pleasing as the final products themselves.
Sharon founded Gluten Free Sourdough Company out of her diagnosis, and has become a resource for amazing gluten-free breads and sprouted cookies in the Boston area. Utlizing her recovery journey, she has created products even those "restricted" thought they'd never eat again -- specifically, amazing sourdoughs which don't require wheat or chemicals to shine.
I quibble with the term “healthy” sometimes used in the text, as it has connotation of judgment these days -- as if other food “is not”. But I can’t quibble with the attitude.
In Peasant, she goes …