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Recap Gluten Free Wellness Event 2017, Hartford! (giveaway)

All the way to Hartford from Boston? For good reason!

The day-long Gluten Free Allergen Free Wellness Event, at the Hartford Holiday Inn September 30th, showcased an array of local food purveyors, and posed as the venue for a wonderful line-up of celiac advocates & health speakers!

I had the privilege of speaking too: Integrating Gut Healing Nutrition into Your Day to Day to Routine. (If you joined me, and would like the slides or notes, just send along an email.)

What's more important than gut healing nutrition and variety if you have celiac?

I think what Nikki's GFAF Wellness Events say so well is that: nothing is -- except community. Eat well. Yes. But don't do it alone.

Highlights of the event were Jen Cuevas's presentation -- her gluten-free recovery story is touching, as well as full of experience extraordinarily helpful to anyone undergoing multiple health and food related illnesses.

But her products, a huge list of paleo, gluten free goods (including CAKE .…