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Gut-Healing Tips: Eat It Slowly

When you're hungry, it's hard to eat slowly. When I'm hungry and busy, it's even harder to eat slowly  - and I began lunch with hiking pals a week ago with a busy brain, in a hunger rush, body still flying and in flux.

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Celiac Disease, as you may know, damages the gut. As an autoimmune disorder, it is directly linked to our body's stress response. But what many people don't know in our rush-mad-product-over-person-culture is that, celiac or not, a rushed meal is an ouch meal on the tum.

Stop, I told myself.

Food is meant to nourish and heal. But goods have to be received before they do us any good.

Science as well as tradition, in tandem with a multitude of anectdotal evidence, show that eating slowly heals and supports digestion.

One aspect of eating slowly that is immediately clear in its digestive good is CHEWING. Amylase…

O! It's a stack! Or, Gluten Free Peach-Raspberry Pancakes

Also, adventure.

I woke with a healthy appetite, and an even healthier disinterest in food, and its myriad possible details. (When one has celiac, food details can become unhealthily large. The trick, mates, is having a life and identity much larger than the detail or the disease.) I didn't want to make breakfast. I wanted to make tracks.

But you can't make tracks without breakfast!

Bloody practical voice.

So since I had a large bowl of shredded zucchini in the fridge, and weekends in the US encourage pancakes...and since I had no gluten free flour in the apartment, but two tubs of protein powder to try and many eggs, I made pancakes.

Gluten Free Squash Pancakes
with Chia Chocolate SunButter Syrup & Raspberries and Peaches

I made too many, and it took long. But I made them again three or four times that week to see how they came out, and they filled a plate each time.

I still think they take too long. If the North Shore, and a hike on the beach, are in the future of the day, …