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Gluten Free Expo Worcester Re-Cap!

Meeting others with celiac, or similar dietary prescriptions -- people who understand. Discovering new options in the food-sphere, naturally gluten-free goods or fun re-takes on traditionally gluten-filled foods. Finding new resources, and listening to entrepreneurs and food allergy experts.

That's the Gluten Free Allergen Free Expo. What a blast! I always love especially meeting friends, clients, and fellow writers and celiac advocates, because an enormous benefit of these events is the connections they build.

We live better by finding our community. (This is why I love Freedible too.) Celiac Disease can seriously isolate.

I was disappointed to miss a few of the local brands and food curators who are such Boston-standouts for the allergen-free and celiac community!

So check out the highlights below -- (and find the highly recommended local and national no-shows this event, who attended last year):


A favorite, and a company that knows celiac and…

Going to a Safe Camp When You Have Celiac

Camp with celiac disease? I thought, this is probably the beginning a joke. Camp with a gluten free diet?  Actually, yes: 
I never went to camp with celiac disease. But how could a child -- or adult -- attend camp with a medically prescribed gluten free diet? This year, as an adult and, really just as a big celiac kid, I connected with the founders of Celiac Strong Camp based in upstate New York, to volunteer.

The camp runs this year from August 9th to August 12th in Hunt, NY: and it is wholly and completely gluten-free.

It delights me off the map. If I couldn't go as a kid, I can go as an adult -- and make the opportunity available to heaps of kids who wouldn't otherwise get a chance to experience all the adventure. Er. Sometimes inconvenience too. But what is an adventure but one great inconcenience we've decided to enjoy?

Anyhow, Celiac Strong Camp, founded 4 years ago by Sabrina DeVoss (who was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2003 as a six year old)…

Gluten Free Sunflower Seed Butter Coffee Flapjacks (& Giveaway)

Say that five times fast! It's like dodging traffic in Boston. The 4-8 year olds I skyped into a New Me Gluten Free workshop giggled like koala-bears-on-helium when I tried it, and told them to follow along. They probably would have had just as much fun dodging traffic. But that would have been life-threatening; whereas learning to eat gluten free and enjoy it, for me and these kidlets, is life-saving.

Celiac Disease (and a wheat allergy or NCGS) requires a medically prescribed abstinence from gluten, including any accidental contact with gluten. I may not take a pill, but I do take my prescription. It isn't a diet. It's a new way of living entirely. It isn't about food so much as it is about the entire orientation of a life post-diagnosis.

That's not generally very fun. I have found numerous opportunities for growth in the process of taking care of myself, and developing strategies to eat with joy despite the high-risk vigilance and restriction. (Oy, I can eat a h…