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GFAF Expo Worcester/Boston, 2017 Giveaway

A weekend away, with food you can eat, and educational seminars on all things gluten-free and allergen-friendly -- isn't that a break and more than a half? The Gluten Free Allergen Friendly Expo is back in New England, July 22-23, and I'm giving away 6 tickets!

Join me?
10:00 am – 4:00 pm on Saturday the 22nd 10:00 am – 3:00 pm on Sunday the 23rd To purchase tickets: Purchase here (click the link)

Either for one day or both, the conference hall is well worth a day if you have celiac, or other food restrictions.

But what I love most about these events is the human connections I make.

From vendors, to fellow celiacs, and the experientially and professionally qualified speakers (Chef Emeril came out last year!), I encounter some of the most amazing people. Those connections are priceless in the long-haul. Recovery, and joy, living with a custom-diet prescribed for life, come hugely through our relationships! and it's doubly important I, personally, have a relationship …

5 Ways to Troubleshoot Distracted Reading

If you have celiac disease, you may know what nutritional-deficiency can do to your attention span. Hangry pre-gluten-free recovery is a description that goes beyond bloody ticked and aching gut pangs. For me, and for rather a lot of celiacs, a symptom of the disease is brain fog. Hyper-activity or attention-deficit. High distraction.

But what happens when the gut heals? You may still have a habit. I became so used to distraction and hunger, even when my body settled, my mind hopped. It was like a muscle memory. It was used to having no attention, so I still sometimes rattle like a rat on a hamster wheel.

Here are 5 ways I've used to trouble-shoot distracted reading. If you find you have a million books to read, or article stacking on top of article, bookmarked on your phone or browser -- if you just can't focus long enough to get a full-book-meal down, and dart off into daydreams or phone-scrolling at the slightest jolt, you're probably not clinically ADHD (although you …

[ Recipe] Gluten-Free Thin Mint Smoothie

w00t! What's better, Boston, than Spring? Well, if it's edible, a smoothie that tastes like a thin mint, and is celiac-safe.

This smoothie is  a flash-in-the-pan freelance whirl that turned out mad-good, quite accidentally. I threw in what I had -- and what I had is exactly what I needed. Though crivens knows, I don't always know I have everything I need until I start pulling all the bits together; and I suppose that's as good a metaphor for living life in the present moment as any.

It fits my life, too. This Spring, I've pulled together quite a lot of pieces -- from my nutrition consulting and graduate study, to putting in the time to speak Welsh, and to travel -- to  a new position editing a human-rights-based advocacy journal and surrendering to the disappointment in my health. Inumerable odds and ends. But each odd and end is what I had and have; and each experience, talent, and  challenge -- including celiac disease  -- have been all-kinds valuable.

For this …

Gluten Free Goat Review, Pittsburgh, PA

Traveling! Whether for work or athletics, whether planned or unplanned, I love dashing off like Bilbo without his pocket handkerchief. In Pittsburgh last week -- and that's a hike from Boston -- I found myself with colleagues celebrating a birthday, and my graduation from grad school.

And the plan was to get brunch.

But where? Having celiac, I hit the road with a hamper and a cooler in my passenger seat: 'Tis called the snack seat, and it contains snacks enough to make multiple square meals, and then some.

One can't take a snack-seat into restaurant though. But one can take a phone, an app, and a single-mindedly stubborn sleuthing: calling, emailing, researching down to the bloody crumb any eatery suggested. The sleuthing takes time and energy. It turns out good health though -- and it turns up some unexpected jewels, like The Gluten Free Goat, on Penn Ave.

Brunch is not a traditionally naturally gluten-free option in the Western world.

Gluten Free Goat however, a lovely l…

A Guide to Nutritional Supplements if You're Celiac

Supplements If You’re Celiac (Or, Gut Good Recovery) I was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2009, and I was 86 lbs. Malnourished is probably an understatement. Doctors prescribed Ensure, and after a few months, I had a dietitian as well who recommended various supplements in the vitamin or mineral category.
But I had two things that many of us with celiac -- a silent disease once it’s treated seemingly -- have in spades: a bit of shame, and stubborn (and excited) I can do it! self-will. I can do it! translated to the belief that I could trundle along just fine if I ate perfectly, lots of whole foods, and did it with great dedication and seriousness. SERIOUSNESS with capital letters. Also, by eating salmon.
But can you treat a disease that has ravaged your digestive system to the point that it has not been able to absorb the food you give it simply with more food?
The answer is Yes! And no.
Yes, once one has gone gluten-free, celiac 99.9% of the time goes into relative remission, so to spea…