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The Link: Celiac Disease, Starvation, & Anorexia

What is the link between anorexia and celiac disease?  If you thought it was behavioural or genetic, you're probably not far off from a popular perception --but you're wrong.

The tie that binds the two diseases, both more deadly than most credit them for, is physiological / biological. 

It's a simple equation of starvation = disease. In Celiac DIsease, the body begins to starve, regardless of actual weight. In anorexia, dysfunctional perception and behaviour is directly rooted in the body's physiological response to starvation. 

Thus, if you've misperceived the link between celiac & anorexia,  you've probably misperceived the root cause -or mitigating factor in the development - of anorexia as well.

New and recently re-visited research in the medical community is illuminating the link, and both diseases, in an entirely new way.

What perpetuates both the distorted perception (including body dysmorphia) and disordered eating habits in anorexia,  is that state of m…

PRODUCT REVIEW & GIVEAWAY: Banza Gluten Free Pasta

All naturally gluten free, all the time. ...and wait, we're talking about pasta?

When it comes to thriving with celiac disease and eating gluten free, it's the naturally GF that does it. Complex carping on traditionally wheat-filled stuffs has made some fair substitutes, but what I love and enjoy most is when I get to find a new recipe, idea -- or product -- that simply keeps it simple, and uses the strengths of its gluten-free ingredients on their own merit.

Banza [ ] pasta does just that: it shines, because it doesn't play at substituting. Oy, but it's pasta! Surely that's a sub like no other?

Well, so is gnocchi, and it is potato-based.

So Banza goes BEAN-based. Chickpea to be exact. Banza uses the naturally denseness of beans to get a good solid noodle that cooks al dente, separates nicely, and beats the wheat-brained traditional noodles hand-over-fist in protein: 25 grams for 3.5 oz serving.

I used to eat macaroni and cheese by the quadrupl…