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A Celiac Recap of Natural Foods Trade Show Expo West, 2017

I got to go to Expo West this year! the natural foods trade-show that swamps Anaheim each Spring with gluten-free new goods. Wicked w00t to that, because I love to travel -- and it's been 3 years I've missed out due to rotten celiac health. This year, I want to showcase those companies -- and products -- that are truly gluten-free, and thus, celiac safe.

I suppose I go to ExpoWest as a writer and nutritionist. But I went this year as a social advocate too. Out attitude to food,  Freedible founder, Cheryl Viirand has remarked, shapes culture. So does business; and those companies that put service & human dignity at the core of their mission, support celiacs & others living with food restrictions, and change the attitude of society. Of course, when it comes to food personally, I can't go anywhere where I'm not also celiac. It may not be my core identity. But it is a core piece of my life, and when I walk onto a floor full of food, it means I ask a lot of question…

Nuttzo Bad If I Do Say So Myself

So much food is naturally gluten free. But is all that edible milieu easily packable, and edible on the road?  Yes! Yes it is easy -- or so I thought recently, quick stream of consciousness before an interview in which I had a ream of questions to cover about the ease of living with celiac disease.

Then I thought: No.

Yes -- now it is.

But was it before? It was not.  I didn't inch away from a 30 minute hop back to my home kitchen post diagnosis. Not for 2 years.

Now I've walked across Ireland with a suitcase full of Nuttzo and honey sandwiches, and a dozen homemade gluten free  sweet tater muffins.

Now I've roadtripped from one side of the States to the other. Now I've spent days on trips, at conferences...

I never knew I could do what I did til I did it, and I never would have thought I could do what I've done except I decided to do it instead of wait to think about why I couldn't.

Celiac disease isn't crippling. Celiac disease is challenging. by nature, th…