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You've Got...Gluten-Free Mail? Or, How-To Travel, Live, Explore, Celiac

You've got mail! how much? What about brain mail? Is it overflowing the basket, out the box, trailing down the all the demands and communications DEMAND without STOP?

My brain feels this way having celiac sometimes.

How many new things do you need to keep track of with celiac?

Life takes maintenance. The root word for that in Old French means "protection" or "to keep in being
. In Latin, it means "to take hold of/take in hand".  In Spanish, mantenar means to drive or navigate.

Maintenance then, in sum means taking-a-hand-in your life
Life is wild enough as it is, isn't? Then Celiac adds a few...maybe a few dozen...additional weather patterns, routes, navigational tools to track and use. Additions themselves aren't negative. But any addition to life requires time, attention, and energy.

Some say we have infinite potential. But a few things we don't have in infinity are time, attentio…

Garden of Life: Raw, Green, Creamy, and Gluten-Free Protein

Garden of Life produces an array of protein supplements -- but their first and most basic product line has just been updated. Oh has it been updated! Vegan  and gluten-free -- raw, organic, sprouted -- and utterly free of fillers and preservatives, the RAW proteins have always had the best ingredients, and top of the line manufacturing  The first generation -- in flavours of Vanilla, Raw Cacao, Coffee, and Chai --  provided a unique variety to the supplement options for both dairy and gluten-free needs. But what about the consistency? The blendability? All that jazz?

The first gen formula was chalky. Popped in a smoothie, it was always wicked good. But if you needed to whip it into milk or water, it wasn't quite up to speed. Close. But no Cuban, as they say. But I loved them all the same, because my celiac gut could assimilate the extraordinary spectrum of plant-based nutrition in their sprouted, probiotic-packed powder.

But chalky no more! Garden of Life hits every note in perfect…

[ Product Review ] 88 Acres of Gluten-Free Good

88 Acres is a unique resource for celiacs, who also live with severe allergies or other sensitivities. Because unlike most companies creating similar products, they are totally nut-free.

Boston-based, this tiny company covers the nutless and gluten-free in their seed-based snack bars and granola so thoroughly, you'd never know anything was missing. Which is saying a lot when it comes granola, especially. They up the ante though by not only covering free-from: they cover a business model which puts person and care first. Sustainable, small, personal. How does that show up in a snack? Simple: They single-source, from local suppliers; artisan-craft and small-batch make each line of bars and granolas, and produce everything in our backyard here in Beantown, in a tiny factory run by the tiny team personally invested 88 Acres staff. It took over a year to develop the relationships that make their ingredients not only the highest quality, but also completely safe in their sourcing, free …