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[ Product Review ] Some Living Food - Organic Living Superfoods

In Boston, MA, Craig and Bruce make food. They make living food. And it's gluten free. Organic Living Superfoods, their raw, organic, food-purveying business has a product line of stunning variety and flavour for the amount of things it avoids, and the simplicity of its ingredients.

For the most part, each package of all things from sprouted almonds to smoothie powders to raw sprouted granolas boast an ingredient list you could easily scribble on palm.

For example: Banana Cinnamon Walnuts -- walnuts, dates, bananas, cinnamon.

Or how about the Goji Granola? Sprouted buckwheat, flame raisins, goji berries, dates, walnuts, cinnamon.

Simplicity, unlike the label gluten-free,isn't a modifier referencing removal of anything -- in fact, simplicity is one key aspect to the best gluten-free fare, and one ingredient difficult to find, and rarely added, to a good product. OLS proves the point. With the creativity that simplicity requires out of anyone daring to choose just a few ingredien…

Gut-Healing Tips: Golden Milk, & Glory of Good Roots

GOLDEN MILKGut Healing One-Shotsweekly looks at healing the insides with food preparation practises, supplements, or other whole life approaches

Celiac disease and other digestive disorders put our insides at odds with what otherwise would be highly digestible and nourishing food. If you have celiac, you know you need to take gluten out. But how can you still get what you need in? Herbs are one avenue I've been offered -- and had the pleasure to offer others; but then, herbs on the Western market are most often capsuled. If they aren't capsuled, you get them in a bitter tea or perhaps -- in the best case scenario -- added to protein powder or other nutritonal supplement.
But did you know that the process of digestion and assimilation is intimately tied up with our experience and enjoyment of our food as well?
Perhaps this is why most traditions utilizing herbs don't simply dose you like a sick horse. Herbs are added as spices to warmly prepared meals; served in designated an…

[ RECIPE ] A Mindless Morn, or Carrot Cake Crepes, Gluten-Free

Hey-ho! Make a breakfast that takes some time, so you can make some time to take.  These crepes take a slow 40 minutes in the kitchen, but as they fry, the air fills with the aroma of breakfast: nutmeg, caramel, cinnamon.

More and more, I think, busyness is a disease. Needing to be somewhere, do something, get something -- get in, get out, get on -- and if I race time, it races me. However much I do, it speeds further and further away, until I'm left in the dust.

And I still never sat, mind meandering, washed in the aroma of warmth and breakfast, noticing the quiet tide of stillness.

This is human.

To be, not to do.

Having celiac doesn't make me more or less human; but it has reminded me with sharp physical urgency that my time is limited, and that living is being, not busying.

But sometimes I can't slow down; I run so long I run myself over. And then I think books.  I think breakfast. And I think, doing one thing that takes time, engages all of my senses, and offers a mea…