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[ PRODUCT REVIEW ] B-Free Foods Breads, Bagels, Wraps, & Rolls!

Product Review and Giveaway
B-Free Gluten Free Foods
As brilliant as bread can be -- and it can be mighty brilliant if you have celiac disease, or mighty bleak -- B-Free Foods from Ireland has pleased my palate more than any new food this last year you can get out of package.

Better though than finding their breads in the Spring was finding their wraps, bagels, pitas, and rolls.

When we weigh a gluten-free bread on the scale of palatable to perfect, the criteria usually run like so: Crumbly? Edible sans toasting? After-taste? For a tortilla or wrap: Pliable? Roll-able? Soggy?  And finally, for a bagel: Size? Chew? Crust?

But perhaps just as important is what's in the bread?

Because as celiacs, we often don't just need gluten-free, we need something soy-free and dairy-free, egg-free or corn-free.

B-Free Foods truly is free, and what goes into each item is brilliant; what's not in each item is just as impressive.

So this bread is big.

A photo posted by @bfreefoods on Aug 23, 201…

GFAF Wellness Event in Hartford, 2016 (GIveaway)

Join me on October 1st, 10:00am to 3:00pm at the West Hartford Meeting & Conference Center 50 S Main St  West Hartford, CT 06107 for the annual Gluten Free Allergen Free Wellness Event.  The event, a beautiful mishmash of local flavour, allergen-free eats, and community connection, comes to New England again this Fall, with a new focus on stewarding and showcasing the tools and resources already available locally.
Whether you're looking for nutrition advice or a local nutritionist, better exposure to gluten-free foodstuffs and restaurants in your own backyard -- or just want a day out with family and friends full of food you can eat (nearly) without question, the GFAF Wellness Event promises solid resource in all categories.
I'll be speaking in the early afternoon on how toLive Life Fully Nourished on a Celiac or Special Diet, Staying Well Fed on a Shoestring Budget.

As for good eats, I'm holding out for one of the best New England bakers of gluten-free goods -- if not …

Shaky Day Almond Butter Chocolate Shake: Gluten-Free Back-to-School

...or how to shift smoothly when every angle of your life seems upset.

It seems particularly important to know how to care for your basic needs when you have celiac disease. Autoimmune diseases, as a dear friend reminds me, make transitions and stresses treble, and that means where others require such-and-such amount of time to re-orient and rest during upheaval, if you have celiac -- or another digestive or immune-related disorder -- you need to double it.

No I don't! Oy, maybe I do.

One way to take that treble amount of time is to eat well. Another way is rest. Not one, or the other: BOTH.

These last few weeks, I've returned to grad school, moved, and started an additional project within the area, offering Pay What Can nutrition consults to underserved or underemployed kids and their families in the Boston area.

One relevant aspect of  a shake or smoothie for a celiac is that it is easily prepared safely. I don't have to worry about cooking utensils and cross-contact. I …