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A GFAF Expo Boston / Worcester 2016 Recap

I enjoyed the Boston GF + AF Expo immenseley. Being in Worcester for a day, exploring food, chatting with fellow celiacs, and meeting fellow writers and nutritionists made my week.

Out of a heap of highlights, however, the highlight of the food-side of this event was definitely variety. Oy, variety like anything! From the years when a gluten-free bagel was like finding a diamond in the gutter, celiac have options have leaped ahead. We have  options even within options. For example: It's not just that we, with celiac can nick a gluten-free bagel now safely from Canyon Gluten Free, we can nick three types of bagels -- Canyon's huge rounds, BFree's sugar-free, uncut seeded stand-outs, or the NYC-style from The Greater Knead in too many flavors to count-- and the same goes for a heap of other food-stuffs out and about today.

We have a lot of choices now -- these expos have always shown that -- but we now have better than simply "lots of choices". We have choices of c…

Good Dirt, Green, and Gluten Free Boston-Town Resource

Green! Green! Fresh and green! The Northeast is green and abundant -- suddenly, spectacularly...and oh-so-briefly.

What is green and green, and green all over, and naturally gluten-free? A farmer's market. Although in point of fact, it's rather a rainbow, especially when the Atlas Farm booth in Copley Square is budding with bursts of heirloom gold, red, and pink beets, and the multi-hued carrots.

Itook a jaunt down the line to the Copley Square farmer's market and Boston Public Market, for now there is food in Boston that isn't shipped in.

And the cheapest, safest, and most satisfying food I've ever eaten as a girl with celiac, or otherwise, is that fresh-picked, gluten-free good from my local community.

I love Beantown for its wealth of local resource, and sense of pride and ownership in community. It's an attitude that feeds into natural support for me, and fellow celiacs -- who know the food is safe because they know the purveyors, and the cooks, and the sour…

Let Summer Sink In (Or, Living Fully Nourished, Celiac and Gluten-Free)

I'm going to begin to let Summer sink in.  My brain and emotions are fried with rush. A friend -- as I start to write this -- texts me to say, Why not look up tips to avoiding or soothing burnout?

Bleeding pshaw. The only tip to avoiding burnout is simple as it is tiplessly unpluggable into another 10 Ways to Keep Up / Avoid Burning Out. Because it's this:


Instead of planning madly, why not let Summer sink in? Health is touted in the media frenzy as something to be plugged into the body and mind like coding into a website. HTML-tag your tummy, and get the <img src=> beauty, happiness, and lazy days of somehow perfect fitness plus food-stuffed-face and fun of a five year old.
Yes, that's a mirage. People aren't computers. I'm not a process or a project, I'm a person -- and an integral part of health is acting like an end in myself, not a means to success or accomplishment.  Not even a means to health. Since we're not projects, even health isn't …