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Gut Healing Tips: Gluten Free Sourdough Company Grain Free Coconut Bread

With Celiac Disease, it's a double-brill day when food both pleases the palate, and soothes the gut. Either/or! blares the pop culture -- get that healthy stuff, or stuff yo' face with whatever. But I think this sourdough, from Sharon's small Boston-local Gluten Free Sourdough Company bakery, proves you can have both. Gut Healing One-Shotsweekly looks at healing the insides with food preparation practices, supplements, or other whole life approaches

This bread tastes like a fresh loaf out of the oven dripping with butter...but it has no butter--  in it or on it, and it's no traditional loaf. Gluten-free and grain free, Gluten Free Sourdough Company's coconut bread is soft as pound cake but firm, and as easy on the gut just as it is a joy to the taste buds.

The ingredient list is so short you could write it on the palm of your hand. But every ingredient is
balanced, chosen, and blends to make this fermented bread a naturally gluten free stand out.  Without trying pe…

Gluten-Free Celiac Travel: 3 Things, or From Disability to New Ability

"Celiac isn't a disability. It's a launching platform into new ability and competence."

How can you travel "normally" -- gluten-free -- when you have celiac?  When I recently explained some of the planning that goes into traveling, as a young professional, a grad student, and nutritionist with celiac disease, the amiable lady listening, bug-eyed, blurted out:  CJ, ARE YOU NUTS? 

My response:

Well, go ahead. be a nut. Or maybe...just take Nut along for the gluten-free ride.

 I  used to think I had two options: Go as a nut and enjoy it, or go as a nut and don't.  But I have a third: go with a Nut, instead of as one.

Nut, the frantic worried voice, the feeling-defective-guilty, the future-tripper, the trigger-happy DOOMSDAY buddy...needs to take shot-gun, not driver's wheel.

Boiled down, that means accept what I can't change -- perhaps a worried fear-laced litany running through my brain included -- and change the things I can.

But what are those thi…

Join Me for the Boston GFAF Expo, July 23-24!

Celiac Awareness Month has ended, but awareness, and building community? Those are two actions I take with attitude into the whole year. One both fun and effective way to build both is to attend an expo. The GFAF Expos, held across the country, are hitting Worcester, MA, and I'll be there...two months later but still in the wake of hitting the stellar show in Chicago!

So what does an expo look like? It looks like the discovery of new food options, connection with fellow celiacs (and those with digestive disorders requiring a similar diet), and opportunities to stop in at educational seminars teaching nutrition, breakthroughs in celiac research, and practical tips for living gluten-free.
This year, the expo is:
July 23-34 10am to 4pm
Where? DCU Center-North Exhibit Hall 50 Foster Street Worcester, MA 01608
The wrap-up-recap of Chicago HERE is a great sample of what Worceseter will look like!

Wondering what kind of food you'll find in the exhibit hall?  From breads to dairy-…

The Art of Jam, or Gettin Figgy With It [RECIPE]

Jam: the sticky, sweet, the smell of cinnamon or ginger, infusing, fruit. Or...jam...

the idiom: pull out your melodies, twiggy fingers and dancing feet.

I could eat the funky fiddling between words all day.

You can make jam or jam. Music or meal -- or both together. But melody mellows a kitchen crushed by brain's rush, and oy, I've been rushing.

Rushing, you know, isn't so much outsides as it is an attitude to outsides; rushing is an inside job. So though are creative jams in the kitchen, and I mean jam in both senses of the word.

I'd prefer to be reading. Being underweight, my brain bellows food between  paragraphs and paged words though, so I end up in the kitchen, with figs from a friend in Western climes where I recently traveled for work, and jam and jams on the mind.

Do you think I could pick at a guitar, cook, and read at the same time?

(The answer is yes, but very unsuccessfully on all counts.)

I hum instead. And since figs are delicate, and I don't want t…