RECIPE: Gluten-Free No-Toast S'Mores

S'more is an abbreviation. S'more means SOME MORE, please. S'more reminds me of visiting family on the west coast of the US...and I always wanted some more gooey burnt sugar chocolate crunch -- . But when it comes to that traditional s'more, for a celiac , some more is a no; in fact,  it's a don't even start.

But not these little blokes. Two Moms in the Raw, an ace woman-owned company that makes sprouted, naturally gluten free products, shot me their newest offering: High Protein Sprouted Crackers. And the No-graham "Grahams" are the best graham I've ever had. Utterly gluten-free, they're grain-free as well, made with sprouted almonds; and they honestly taste better than the old crackers I crunched as a kid. But perhaps they also taste better because my gut likes them, and they like my gut, and the sprouted almonds make them doubly digestible.

Recipes can be mad rigamaroles of ingredients and chemical combinations. Recipes can get you amazing, mad-beautiful end results. And some recipes can be simple.

Kids can make them. And so can I, when I need to settle down into simplicity. When I can't plan ahead, or have a head full of linguistics, poetry, grad school deadlines, meeting schedules, and friends' birthdays. When some more sounds good.

These s'mores are a perfect recipe-retreat.

And they don't need anything perfect. Just some crackers, nut butter, and a deep breath before the first bite.


[ gluten-free, dairy-free, peanut-free, soy-free, corn-free, vegan ]

:: ingredients ::

3 tbs Chocolate Nuttzo (peanut free power fuel)
1 tbs Organic Coconut Butter / Cream

:: directions ::

1. Spread crackers, one with Nuttzo, one with coconut butter.

2. Smash those crackers together, and voila, a finger-sandwich, s'more. Make a plate and serve at a potluck or BBQ, or have fun assembling together with kids or friends.

If you do anything food-related this Summer, try these no-graham-grahams (or check out my simple homemade sub below; leave out the fire (especially if very small ones are involved); and make these no-toasters.

The chocolate Nuttzo and coconut butter make a perfect swap for marshmallow and chocolate bar, creamy as both if not more so, and they're naturally sweet.  Cold-cut s'mores. You can't go wrong.


sub for 2 moms grahams (if not available or out-of-budget):

1/4 cup mesquite flour
1 tbs almond flour
dash coconut sugar
1 tbsp coconut milk
optional: 1 tbsp shredded zucchini

Spread flat in a baking pan lined by parchment paper; bake til browned around the edges. Cut but don't separate until cooled. 10-25 mins. at 400 degrees F.

UPDATED NOTES at reader request: Dough should be a little tacky, and sticky, but not wet. Add liquid by drops and knead til consistency is correct.
Optional: Add a 1/2 tsp of almond butter for slightly thicker but more durable cracker.

These are Summer-sweet...and I've made a heap of them lately, since I'm swamped in work, and about a mile long back log of blogs and nutrition consults!

How are you tumbling free -- time-wise, food-wise, into Summer?

Tumbling Gluten Free!



  1. What temperature do you bake the Homemade Graham Crackers-GF at? Also how big of a pan should you use to bake them in or how thick should they be? Thanks

    1. Hey Kat! Apologies for missing that step. It should be baked at 400 F; but if your oven runs hot, try it at 380-390.



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