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Gluten Free Celiac Stomp Through St Louis (and GFAF Event Recap)

St Louis, MO, Gluten-Free Restaurant Reommendations and Annual Gluten Free Allergen Free Event
So you want to stroll through the Gateway to the West, see the silver arch across the prairie sky -- and eat stresslessly, happily, safely, gluten-free?  St Louis not only hosts multiple safe eateries, but also plays host to Nikki Everett's GFAF Wellness Event each year. And its array of dedicated gluten-free facilities, local, transparent food suppliers -- and wealth of history and architectural beauty -- just keep growing.

Well, the eateries and events do. I'm not sure about the architecture.

While I was there this May for Nikki's ace event, I hit 3 dedicated GF spots, and got a good look at the safe food prep processes of half a dozen others.

But what made the visit glow was the GFAF Event. So if you're planning a jaunt across the American mid-West, plan your trip for Spring -- not only is the weather accommodating, so is the metaphoric atmosphere of gluten-free goods.  Esp…

Restaurant Review: At Wit's End with Wheat? Gluten-Free Chicago Cafe, Wheat's End, Has It All

Wheat'sEnd Cafe, Chicago, IL

dedicated gluten-free facility

The highlight of highlights of my recent travel to Chicago, food-wise, was Wheat's End Cafe. Because I have celiac disease? No. Although the fact that I can't eat wheat may have something to do with my being aware of this little artisan cafe nestled in the Lake District of the Windy City.  You don't have to be at your wit's end with wheat to adore Wheat's End. Although if you are, you may not simply order every baked good off the menu, you may end up in joyful tears afterwards, hugging Amelia, Susan, and Meni -- chef, owner, and manager.

Superb is an understatement when it comes to the menu at Wheat's End, which is not only gluten and wheat-free, but also mostly vegan (allowing those with dairy allergies or lactose intolerance to eat as happily as the wheat-free crowd). From belgian waffles drizzled with ginger-infused pure maple syrup, to chocolate chip pancakes, Wheat's End has breakfast and …

RECIPE: Gluten-Free No-Toast S'Mores

S'more is an abbreviation. S'more means SOME MORE, please. S'more reminds me of visiting family on the west coast of the US...and I always wanted some more gooey burnt sugar chocolate crunch -- . But when it comes to that traditional s'more, for a celiac , some more is a no; in fact,  it's a don't even start.

But not these little blokes. Two Moms in the Raw, an ace woman-owned company that makes sprouted, naturally gluten free products, shot me their newest offering: High Protein Sprouted Crackers. And the No-graham "Grahams" are the best graham I've ever had. Utterly gluten-free, they're grain-free as well, made with sprouted almonds; and they honestly taste better than the old crackers I crunched as a kid. But perhaps they also taste better because my gut likes them, and they like my gut, and the sprouted almonds make them doubly digestible.

Recipes can be mad rigamaroles of ingredients and chemical combinations. Recipes can get you amazing…

GFAF Expo Chicago 2016 Highlights and Recap!

I'm late to the re-capping game for the GFAF Expo in Chicago. After 2 weeks on the road, I was and am in a whirl, and the sheer amount of new products, and stories, I discovered in the Windy City were enough to knock my socks off. Add to that the travel I love, blazing Spring skies, new friendships, celiac-planning-researching-food-safety-searching, and a 2nd brilliant event with GFAF Wellness in St Louis...and you get OY.

But here, at long last, the recap -- and it's good:
This year, the Chicago GFAF Expo was a wicked showcase of whole foods and naturally gluten free goods to an extent that it never has been before. This was a highlight for me, and a relief, and it I had a blast sampling food no longer so hell bent on mimicking gluten-filled favourites that it lost its unique flavour and strengths in the process.

From nuts and seeds (nut-freed and seedy offerings, nutty-sans-soy) to diabetic-friendly paleo, from sweets to suppers, the expo highlighted some opportunities, and…