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Celiac Awareness Month Spotlight: Beyond Celiac

WHAT IF if it's not all about a gluten free diet...
Beyond Celiac's60 for Celiac video is an amazing tool for education -- and it begins with imagine.
Imagine: What if you've spent your life just surviving, because other people don't understand?
What if you deal with the repercussions of a silent disease, an autoimmune disease -- and it's not just about a "gluten-free diet"?
 This is celiac disease for many across the States, and the world. 

What if what everyone focuses on doesn't affect you at all, and you've lived for years with infertility, crippling migraines, or anemia.
What if  everyone took 60 seconds to understand: Celiac disease has chronic, devastating effects, emotionally and physically. And the gluten-free diet is only treatment -- not symptoms, not identity, not the heart of your struggle at all.
What if people took the time to understand.

The truth is:  What people don't know about celiac disease can hurt us  -- and hurt a community…

Celiac Awareness Month: 5 Unacknowledged Symptoms of Celiac

You may not think you have  Celiac Disease because your symptoms just don't fit the pop culture definition of the poor, stick-thin, gut-ravaged patient dashing to the toilet twenty times a day. You may think gluten ain't my problem. Think again. The truth is: over half of diagnosed celiacs didn't have the bathroom-dash disease you picture when you think GLUTEN-FREE NEEDS. More than half had 1 or all of these 5 under-acknowledged symptoms of the autoimmune disease -- and yes, it likely made diagnosis ten times harder.

One symptom of untreated celiac disease is a dermatological disorder called DH. It shows up as an unendurably itchy rash, often on the back of the legs or buttocs, elbows, or over the gut area (although it can appear anywhere on the body), and forms small pustules which pop when scratched. It is routinely misdiagnosed and treated with steroids -- but a simple skin biopsy can un-earth the celiac antibiodies embedded in…

CDAM16 Canyon Bakehouse Gluten-Free Giveaway!

'Tis Celiac Awareness Month. How are you celebrating? Because it's no time to be blithering miserable: our lives aren't broken by a gluten-free need, they're supported by it. Along with educational and awareness events on the blog, I'm hosting a giveaway for Canyon Gluten-Free Bakehouse, one of the nationally available bread brands that is not just a seriously excellent gluten free, but supports celiac awareness and safety as well.

Kind of important.

Canyon Bakehouse not only makes breads, they make bagels and brownies too. From Rye to White, to their hearty 7 Grain and savoury Foccacia, CGF makes good gluten-free. Co-founded by Ms. Skow, a celiac herself, this company isn't just selling, it's supporting -- made with 100% whole grains, and always tested under 10ppm,they doesn't cut corners on taste for nutrition, and don't cut nutrition for taste.

I remember first discovering their 7 Grain loaf, and feeling a flood of heart-skipping happy, because it…

Celiac Awareness Month: Mental Health, Depression, Anxiety, and Gluten-Free Guts

It takes guts to get help when the problem is invisible.

And Celiac Disease and mental health have that courage -- and risk -- in common.

During Celiac Disease Awareness Month, I'm posting facts, resources, and spotlights on the disesase -- and the challenges that go with it -- and today it's mental health. May is both Celiac Awareness Month and Mental Awareness Month, and as they fit hand-in-glove on the calendar, so they fit within many people diagnosed.

But first, what is up with mental illness and Celiac Disease? Many studies have shown a heightened incidence of depression and anxiety in those diagnosed Celiac, but a recent study profiled in Gluten Free and More Magazine has gone further, posting findings that bi-polar disorder occurs at ten times the rate in celiac individuals compared to the general population.  (study first appeared in 2015 Clinical Practise and Epidemeliogy in Mental Health)

Just as it is imperative that people are screened for Celiac, and just as it …

Gut Healing Tips: for Mother's Day, Gluten-Free & Tea

Gut Healing One-Shotsfor mother's day weekly looks at healing the insides
Tea and flowers are always gluten-free. Tea and flowers? They're also gut-healing.

Anything which soothes the nervous system heals the gut. Our digestive track is one of the most sensitive, and nerviest, parts of physiological system. Many of those with autoimmune diseases, food allergies, and gut disorders (including celiac) have hyper-alert sympathetic nervous systems -- that fight-or-flight side simply won't shut off.  That stress response acidifies the body, drains trace and necessary minerals from our system, and slows digestion, pulling energy and blood away from the insides and into muscles and limbs meant to dart into fight or flight. Its opposite (the parasympathetic system), is the rest and digest state of the body

Tea -- especially herbal teas (or tisanes) -- soothe. Tea, and flowers, support a return to safety and serenity.  Tea can turn your gut from shut-off-fight-n-flight to rest-n-diges…

Gluten Free Allergen Free Event St Louis, 2016 + Giveaway!

Gluten Free Allergen Free Wellness Event
St Louis, May 21 2016 +
Ticket Giveaway!
For Celiac Disease Awareness Month, I'm tripping off to not just one, but two gluten-free events. You can meet me in Chicago for the Schaumberg GFAF Expo, but if you're a bit further South, I'll be in St. Louis the next weekend for Nikki Everett's always-stellar Gluten Free Allergen Free Wellness Event, May 21st!

During Celiac Awareness Month, these events are altogether more important. It is a gluten-free seminar, or gluten-free expo, that can create community ties, introduce options to newly diagnosed or isolated celiacs, and offer education for true self-care. Events like these engage people and increase visibility for a disease that is still 83% undiagnosed.

Nikki's GFAF Wellness Events facilitate that community and education especially -- and do it will a lot of heart.

But don't get too serious! Oy, you should have seen the fun in Hartford in 2015 -- fun, huge array of fancy a…