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Smoothies: Gut-Healing One-Shot of the Week

Gut Healing One-Shotsweekly looks at healing the insides with food preparation practises, supplements, or other whole life approaches
Either from celiac, or other digestive ills or food allergies, we have a serious stake in what helps us absorb nourishment. In my consulting work, I've been covering a wide array of topics related to gut health. How does it affect the rest of our body? What is gut health? Why does it deteriorate? More importantly, what food preparation and meal-time practises aid the digestion and heal the gut? Inflammation is an immediate threat to the gut -- whether it begins there or not. Often, the way we live our lives -- while not causing disease directly -- contributes to it. Anxiety. Overwork. Isolation. Untreated or undiagnosed celiac disease or NCGS.  Gluten itself is inflammatory.

So if all of these things make digestion harder, what has been my goal in my consulting sessions? To toss out and explain a multitude of gut healing options.Because if something i…

[Recipe ] Quick 'n' Easy: Beans In-a-Rice-Cooker (Frijoles)

Eat more beans -- I could always eat more beans. But I couldn't always say the same fore making beans, because making beans takes a bleeding long time to do properly. Yet nothing is better, or naturally gluten-free, than a pot of homemade frijoles.

How to hack the bean-making process then? I was wondering recently, feeling oppressed by the bean-prep, and more oppressed by the thought of not having any beans for dinner. Hacks often include additives, or pre-made stuffs -- despite what they say -- and those aren't hacks, those are...buying someone else's beans. You can always crack open a can, too. But cans contain BPA, and even when they don't, they usually use another chemical of some sort in the lining.

I discovered that rice cookers aren't just excellent for rice.

Sofrito plus soaked-legumes plus an hour in the morning in the cooker equals some beyond brilliant beans, pintos pure and simple, and easily reheated or re-fried. It only takes about an hour...instead o…

Meet Me in Windy City! Chicago GFAF Expo, 2016

Join me May 14-15 in Chicago for the Gluten Free Expo! I'll be tumbling off into a road-trip in just a few weeks, and the first stop is this celiac-sharp event in the heart of the Windy City! One of the largest gluten-free events in the United States, GFAF Expos don't just roll out a wealth of educational opportunities and classes, they shower attendees with most excellent gluten-free and allergen-free food.
I had the privilege of blogging it up with thema year ago, and am tumbling excited to hit Chicago again in a few weeks.

Wonder what you'll get for a ticket's admit?(Want to get a special deal on the weekend? Buy tickets online through my link HERE to get a my Tumbling Gluten Free 20% off through May 13th! Really. GOOD DEAL.)
Last year, I met the Wheat's End creators here, as well as Ali's all local cookie-creators. Wheat's End makes some of the best gluten free baked goods I've ever had the happiness to swallow -- and they run a cafe just as beaut…

[ Product Review ] If I Blow My Budget on Anything This Year, It'll Be Gluten Free Sourdough Company...

This is one I've been sitting on ages because I want to write the perfect post. Purpose, an attitude of service, product: Each is bundled peerlessly into Sharon's Gluten Free Sourdough. How can I fit it all in? Her gentle approach to healing the gut, tied to her bread and baked goods products, and her diligence and commitment to quality and service make a package deal of the best gluten-free baked goods I've ever tried.

First though, I never thought I would eat sourdough I liked. I never, never, never thought I'd eat sourdough post-Celiac diagnosis.  Really, I never thought I'd eat English Muffins (or crumpets) again post-celiac.

But Sharon created cookies, ginger and chocolate breads, sourdough loaves, and English muffins that I love. They're mad-good, developed painstakingly to get just the right texture. They balance sour with sweet, and don't sacrifice nutrition for flavour. They're based on ancient grains (teff particularly). Best of all, they match…