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Gluten-Free and ExpoWest: Food is Food, and Giveaway Winners!

...or is it? Natural food companies increasingly cater to the gluten-free. For one thing, a majority of whole foods are gluten-free.  Take food back to its basics, and barring the wheat itself (including barley, rye, and wheat variations) you have food that's free of gluten and celiac safe. From fruit to vegetables, nuts and seeds, legumes and sprouts, natural food is often easily gluten-free food.

So why is the market still inundated with highly-processed, often not particularly excellent, gluten-free foodstuffs?

Perhaps it's harder to brand and sell what's obviously just food. Or perhaps we've a culture that's lost its wonder, and its imagination, when it relates to nourishment. Celiac disease might put a bit of kink in the eye -- or gut -- for while when regarding food; but that kink gave me a jolt of wonder for the simplicity and beauty of food. Real food. Simple food.

Can you ever call food simple? Think of the wild process of seed to root to vegetable. What k…

[ RECIPE ] Gluten-Free Green Corned Lentils and Cabbage

How about a meatless AND gluten-free St. Paddy's?  It's a day to be green, after all -- or so the Irish transplants in Boston's backstreets tell me, at least the millenial sorts who have ingested a holistic sense of sustainability along with a sense of their roots and history.  Meatless, but also gluten-free. A little known fact of Coeliac/Celiac Disease is its prevalence amongst the celts. The genetic markers for Celiac are at least 3 times more common in those of Irish or Welsh descent, and while in the States, 1 out of every 133 people has the disease, in Ireland it's 1 out 90.

Beef in 19th and 20th century Ireland had the benefit of being good protein, locally-available, and corned, it was preserved so that it lasted during meatless times of Lent. So why lentils? Well, they've, you've the added benefit that as 20-somethings, with the additional sometimes budget-stretching strain eating sans gluten, lentils are ten times cheaper than a side of beef these day…

ExpoWest 2016 Gluten Free Giveaway!

You can't get to ExpoWest, the largest organic and natural products food event in the country? Most people can't. It's a trade show, after all. For most non-trade, in-the-biz-would-be-attendees, that means it's novel, but not a need. But if you have celiac disease, you're not most. If you have celiac, you're only 1 out 133. If you have celiac, ExpoWest is an opportunity to connect with companies developing safe and gluten-free products. It's an opportunity to explore and discover our options, and find supplements that help heal our guts. It is a chance to educate food suppliers and developers: gluten-free is a prescription, not a fad, and your business can make a difference in our lives and for our health.

If a food company takes cross-contamination, sourcing, and product quality seriously, it can make a world of difference.

But you can't get to ExpoWest. Me neither this year, although I'm able to get in on press credentials.

But as celiacs, press c…

[ Review ] Put Balance in Action with Anti-Inflammatory Food in "Eating Clean" by Amie Valpone

This week, I'm trying a few new recipes from friend, fellow celiac, and self-care advocate, Amie Valpone of The Healthy Apple!  She's launching her new cookbook,  Eating Clean, this week! Amie is a keen voice on the social media stream for self-care through nourishment. But what she balances best is that self-care isn't just a matter of stuffing whole food down your throat -- self-care and nourishment are an attitude we take into every area of our life.

Inflammation and disease don't begin merely in the food choices we make. The food choices we make, and inflammation and disease, often begin with our attitudes, our frantic pace, and our environment as well.

As I've scrolled through a few of her pre-release recipes, I've reflected on how each one also encourages me to be in tune with my body, and my community. Healing again isn't a process perfected by a prescription. You can't pop a pill to heal the damage done to your gut by celiac disease. Over-work a…

St. David's Day (Or, Be Joyful! and Gluten Free Welsh Cakes)

Leeks and daffodils! Wear them. It's Saint David's Day. But perhaps don't bake them into your Welsh Cakes, even if they are gluten-free.

St David (Dewi Sant) should be the patron saint of celiacs. He lived after eating bread poisoned by malignant monks, jealous of his joy. We with celiac live despite having been poisoned by bread that inexplicably triggers our bodies to wreck themselves from the inside out. But the personal joy of this saint is also an antidote to the trauma that often hitch hikes onto the physical damage done by celiac disease. Be joyful! Do the little things!

A little thing today I'm doing is making Welsh Cakes -- gluten-free -- and wearing daffodils, the Spring flower. I could be worrying over grad school mid-semester exams, and revising my brains into mush.  But I think holidays were meant to free us from the tyranny over-seriousness and disease; just as holy-men or women were and are meant to remind us:
"Be joyful!"  and "Do the lit…