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[Restaurant Review] Travelling, Tea, and Gluten Free in Boston

Broken Grounds Cafe1182 Walnut St, Newton Highlands, MA 02461 Phone:(617) 969-3535
Traveling isn't an itch: Traveling is like a skydive, tumbling free -- except for those among us who can't stand heights, it's much preferable to being flung off a cliff. I'm booking trips in the Spring -- one to the GFAF Wellness Event in St. Louis -- but I won't stand still even in my own backyard.

If I'm not trekking into the wild blue, I am traveling to nearby's -- exploring nooks and crannies of Boston, New England, sidestreets, by-ways, sub-cultures and footpaths. (Oy, you can find a new view every day along the river.)  Travel is merely a matter of movement and perspective. There and back again.

So I took off last week like whirlwind, down the T in in Beantown to a little corner of the outskirts of the city called Broken Grounds, where I met a friend.

A breath of fresh air, in more ways than one -- I was off my beaten path, breaking new ground, you might say. I don'…

PRODUCT REVIEW: Veggie Elite MRM Protein Powders (gluten-free, vegan)

MRM Veggie Elite Protein newest Cinnamon Bun flavour product review: gluten-free, celiac-safe, athlete-appropriate
I have Celiac Disease. I was a serious athlete.  And I'm the sort with celiac who -- along with being back-bending active -- have had recurring symptoms and difficulty maintaining weight, and absorbing enough nutrition and energy.

How do you meet high energy needs, the challenge of a system that does not digest food with optimal effect?  More importantly to many, how the bloody blick do you do it without spending the entire day planning food or eating bland muck just to get the energy in?

Well, sometimes self-care means bland muck. Even saying muck is too negative -- self-care and nutrition mean eating when you need to, not always "what you feel like". But I feel like a 7 year old sometimes: "I WANTS THE FOOD I WANTS THAT TASTES GOOD NOW."

What I've learned is balancingenough food and still honouring taste and enjoyment are possible.  Protein powd…

Tumbling Gluten Free: Meet Me, Meet You, This is What We Can Do

It's been a while since I reflected on, or wrote about what I do, have done, and am doing at Tumbling Gluten Free.  Which means what I'm doing at life, in sum.

Have I met you? I'm writing as a young professional who works in social justice and for human dignity -- and as a young woman who loves sports, travel, books, adventure, and good meals with good company. I am writing as an individual with celiac disease, and as a nutrition consultant.

I'm an avid traveller, freelance writer, and adventurer who tumbled into wheatlessness -- and new awareness of what I put in my body -- six years ago with a diagnosis of celiac disease. From that launchpad, I founded Tumbling Gluten Free, a travel, food, and nutrition blog that I tied to my certification as nutrition consultant. I love to fence, run, and I do Boabam Yoga. One of my favorite parts of life these days is exploring -- especially food, the naturally gluten-free. Having celiac has opened me to eating as an opportunity to…

[ Recipe ] Valentine's Day Bagels [ Gluten Free French Toast Bagels!]

Novelty can be hard to come by if you live gluten-free. But it's also hard to come by if I'm stuck in a rut of routine. Valentine's Day is a brilliant day to dodge ruts, and hop out of yourself -- to show love to someone else, and likewise, to yourself.

 Sometimes Valentine's Day sneaks in not just the fear of food deprivation, but of love deprivation.  Of loneliness. But deprivation is an illusion. Life, and nourishment, both of the physical and spiritual sides, aren't limited. Both by nature are pure abundance.

With celiac disease? Nope, even if brunch at the traditional diner is bad for my health (like a Russian Roulette for cross contamination), a really excellent brunch, and a novel meal, isn't off limits.  How about a gluten-free bagel, GLUTEN FREE FRENCH TOAST BAGEL.

We human beings are relational sorts; we've got to be connected. Love makes us live. And love always wants to try something new, because it's never afraid.

These bagels aren't s…

FAT Tuesday, or Gluten-Free Pancakes with the FAT

So why can't I be fat if I want to?

It is Fat Tuesday tomorrow, and that's what one of the 6 year old's I've worked with said last week, as she hung over my arm, listening to a woman laser-eye the nutrition facts on the back of a sack of trail mix. We were doing Mad Libs -- unofficial gluten-free mad libs -- in the corner of a Whole Foods. I created my own batch of libs with food, book, and allergen-related themes (and a of tumbling -- not only is it my blog theme, but characters tumbling are always funny, whether tumbling over their tongues, over road-blocks, or down rampways.)

Anyhow, our mad libs were talking about asking a host if the food were ______free.  We had decided on the noun ferret, so we got food that was ferret free, and the woman -- someone I didn't really know from the grocery, though I'd  greeted her before in the cafe -- was decrying the fact that her food, and her body, wasn't fat free...and I was feeling like getting free from the noise …