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RECIPE: Gluten Free Cinnamon Bun Chocolate Chip Griddle Cake

The kitchen smells like a cinnamon roll. I always loved the smell -- and then for a bit I hated it, because it meant GLUTEN -- and then I decided I'd rather prefer to like it again.  With a lump of fresh-baked pumpkin, cinnamon, eggs, and dark chocolate chips, I made breakfast last week-- Cinnamon Bun Griddle Cakes. And double-bunned it by dolloping a heap of MRM's newest protein (gluten-free and vegan) into the batter.

Gluten-free. A lot in the world is naturally free of the gluten -- in fact, most whole foods are. Many recipes out there take a laundry list of ingredients and additives, mimicking gluten and murdering your head. (Admittedly, baking is a science; amounts matter; prep matters.) But griddle cakes aren't. Griddle cakes are simple.

These griddle cakes are delicious, crack open the morning with the sweet smell of sweet bread, and keep it  bloody beautiful simple.


serves 1 (double or triple to serve 2-3 )

[ gluten-free, dair…

How to Eat Out Safely with Celiac (Or, Ask, Ask, Ask + Be Prepared!)

Celiac -- Know What to Ask 
What's the most effective tool in your arsenal if you're eating out gluten-free and have celiac disease?

The question.
If you want to eat well and eat safely, minimize your risk of cross-contamination, and reduce your anxiety, you have nothing more powerful than knowing the right questions to ask. And who to put them to.

I recently came off a week-long trip to the US capitol for work. On-the-lam, off-the-grid, and totally off the original plan, I was snowed in, and stranded in the city. The highly-ranked, celiac-safe eatery I was planning to patronise was closed due to the storm. Supermarkets were closed because of the storm. Oy, even the lone McDonald's was bloody closed (though McDonald's is not a safe spot for celiac eats).

My colleagues and I ended up at two happily open restaurants -- soggy, cold, and hungry. For them, the choice of eateries was simple: Was it open? But that's not criteria for surety of food if you have celiac.

So y…

Eat Seasonally! Smoothies By Season: Naturally Gluten-Free

What's naturally gluten-free? It's called easy. But easy doesn't mean bland. Smoothies make perfect bases for whole foods, naturally free of gluten -- and despite the rigamarole that is the tried-and-true banana+milk+ice, they're a great way to explore new foods, and eat seasonally.  The variety of seasonal produce -- even in Winter -- present an opportunity both to eat in tune the the body and world, and to eat adventurously. For while Winter may be a bit brisk for a cold drink, its seasonal produce make some of the creamiest and warming of smoothie and shake bases.

 These Seasonal Smoothies -- dairy-free, gluten-free, and soy-free -- are eye-popping, but not gut-popping.

[Since 'tis Winter for now... ]
Kabocha Almond Shake  [ baked kabocha squash, 1 tsp almond butter, 1 tsp Nuttzo Power Fuel, 1 scoop Almond Plant Protein, 1/2 baked Japanese sweet potato, ice + water to adjust consistency ]
Beet'Em Good Chocolate Shake [ 1 medium steame…

All 'Round the Web, Gluten-Free, Celiac, and Freelancing

[ Resource and Freelance (Gluten-Free) Round Up! ]
Gluten-free: It means being free of gluten, not free of flavour or quality. Goodman Bakery has taken that buried truth and run.

On the Hunt For Perfect Gluten Free Bread and Desserts?

Check out my interview with Bob Goodman, and product review up at Gluten Free and More Magazine.  It's always a pleasure to tell the story of someone who's found a way to serve celiacs through food. Nothing is perfect. But what Goodman's made is a line of GF goods that no longer have that "it's good BUT..." tag.

While you're at it, why not find out how to Fuel Functionally and Feel Fad While Freelancing? Food, whether you have a digestive disorder or not, is sort of important.

Celiac Teen Open to the Whole (Gluten-Free) World! 

Did you miss this brilliant interview with my friend, and fellow author and Celiac advocate, Sema Dibooglu? She's a teen, and she has Celiac Disease, but she hasn't let that limit her.

Link up,…

GET MARRIED YOU"RE CELIAC SAFE, or How to Travel Gluten-Free into the New Year

I've been traveling for work. I have a new consulting position doing human rights work, and it has drained the main out of my time for writing up Tumbling Gluten Free. Traveling itself is a mine in more senses of the word than one for content when you have Celiac though.

Travel can be a landmine -- for feelings and facts.
The facts are: Eating on the road is a double challenge for me with Celiac Disease, and requires planning.
The feelings are: A medley of distraction, anxiety, excitement, frustration, and grief.
A small voice in my head says, I don't like this challenge. Go away. I don't want to feel this way.
And I realized as I planned my next excursion in late January that it isn't the facts I want so much to change as the feelings. Gluten-free living for someone with Celiac, for me, is just my particular opportunity and challenge, and a note I get to add to my self-care stickies.  Everyone has a challenge of some sort.  I know when I travel that I need to, and sha…