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How to Survive New Year's Eve, Gluten-Free

So you have celiac disease, and it's New Year's Eve. You have multiple options. But let's minimize the decision-making, and reduce it to three options.  Because 'tis a night to party and enjoy, but what if you have to figure out dinner, gluten-free, cocktails, gluten-free, or prepping a party for many
friends...and you have to eat gluten-free?

Also, potluck.

1st Possibility: Single, Celiac, Party.
Do you ask the host if they're serving gluten-free options? Do you research  cocktails, ingredients? Do you show up, willing to risk it -- and possibly down a glass or bite a snack that probably contains gluten, or has been cross-contacted?
DO ask your host. But also, bring food. If it's dinner, eat first, and bring food. It isn't sexy, but it is self-care.
DON'T waste time researching cocktails. The only way to know is by asking the mixer or maker, and that is an option. Or, stick to naturally gluten-free: straight gin, r…

A Celiac on New Year's Eve, or Party It Up, Gluten-Free

...why not resolve to have a fuller, more gluten-free life.

Free from gluten-free.

Say what? Doesn't celiac require that my life be gluten-free?

No, celiac disease requires that my diet be gluten-free.

Yes, Celiac Disease is a condition treated by one prescription: a gluten-free diet. Because food is so key to our survival, and sometimes even to our identities, gluten-free often becomes as much a name we answer as a prescription we follow. But would we think it healthy if a diabetic toddled around identifying with their insulin? "Oh yes, I'm insulin-pumped." Or what about an individual with lupus: "I live a steroid-high life."

The analogy isn't precise, but it is fair -- for whenever we label our days, our lives, or our time gluten-free we risk doing what an individual diagnosed with diabetes would risk if they labeled their days and times insulin-pumped. The label reduces us to a prescription -- something, instead of a someone -- and then the label glute…

Chocolate Chick-pers, Gluten Free Christmas Cookies

Night falls Christmas Eve, and falls early here in New England. But the little tree on the side table is
glimmering; and the kitchen smells of vanilla, coconut, and baking.

There is always time for the things we need, Like wonder. But also like gluten-free cookies.

Before I walk to midnight mass, I'm leaving cookies on the blog -- like a plate for Santa. Plenty of time still to bake if you have a mind to, or to whirl up the dough for these couple ingredient chick-pers to bake in the early dawn, to warm the house on Christmas morning.

And if you've multiple food restrictions, here you have a cookie as free-from as the Christ-child was free-from sin. These little blokes are grain-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, optionally nut-free, and lovely.

CHOCOLATE CHICKPERS [ gluten-free, vegan, soy-free ]
:: ingredients ::
3/4 of a can of organic chickpeas, drained (liquid reserved) (optional) 1 tsp Nuttzo Peanut Free Nut Butert or 1/2 tsp Sunbutter (optional) 1 tbsp Organic Vanilla…

A Gluten-Free Gift Guide

Is it gluten-free? Is it scrumptiously cruncheable?  Can I celiac eat it, play it, use it? Do you need to buy a friend or family member something edible, and excellent? Keep it simple, scroll on, and pick out something from a list that includes the local, the exceptional, and the more than edible -- because it's not enough to find a gift that's acceptable, just because it's gluten-free, not when the world, and the market, now includes so many gluten-free goods that even one-up the stuff that's filled with wheat.


88 Acres Brand New Seed Spreads:  Vanilla Spice Sunflower Seed Butter, Pumpkin Seed Butter, & Chocolate Sunflower Seed Butter

Shady Maple FarmsMaple Butter: Maple Syrup, Spreadable like Butter.


Gluten Free Sourdough Company Sourdough Muffin Tops: Pumpernickel, Ivory Teff, and Teff

B-Free Foods Seeded Rolls: sugar free, & everything else free, perfect fluffy rolls for dinner or breakfast, non-gmo…

[ Product Review ] Some Living Food - Organic Living Superfoods

In Boston, MA, Craig and Bruce make food. They make living food. And it's gluten free. Organic Living Superfoods, their raw, organic, food-purveying business has a product line of stunning variety and flavour for the amount of things it avoids, and the simplicity of its ingredients.

For the most part, each package of all things from sprouted almonds to smoothie powders to raw sprouted granolas boast an ingredient list you could easily scribble on palm.

For example: Banana Cinnamon Walnuts -- walnuts, dates, bananas, cinnamon.

Or how about the Goji Granola? Sprouted buckwheat, flame raisins, goji berries, dates, walnuts, cinnamon.

Simplicity, unlike the label gluten-free,isn't a modifier referencing removal of anything -- in fact, simplicity is one key aspect to the best gluten-free fare, and one ingredient difficult to find, and rarely added, to a good product. OLS proves the point. With the creativity that simplicity requires out of anyone daring to choose just a few ingredien…

Gut-Healing Tips: Golden Milk, & Glory of Good Roots

GOLDEN MILKGut Healing One-Shotsweekly looks at healing the insides with food preparation practises, supplements, or other whole life approaches

Celiac disease and other digestive disorders put our insides at odds with what otherwise would be highly digestible and nourishing food. If you have celiac, you know you need to take gluten out. But how can you still get what you need in? Herbs are one avenue I've been offered -- and had the pleasure to offer others; but then, herbs on the Western market are most often capsuled. If they aren't capsuled, you get them in a bitter tea or perhaps -- in the best case scenario -- added to protein powder or other nutritonal supplement.
But did you know that the process of digestion and assimilation is intimately tied up with our experience and enjoyment of our food as well?
Perhaps this is why most traditions utilizing herbs don't simply dose you like a sick horse. Herbs are added as spices to warmly prepared meals; served in designated an…

[ RECIPE ] A Mindless Morn, or Carrot Cake Crepes, Gluten-Free

Hey-ho! Make a breakfast that takes some time, so you can make some time to take.  These crepes take a slow 40 minutes in the kitchen, but as they fry, the air fills with the aroma of breakfast: nutmeg, caramel, cinnamon.

More and more, I think, busyness is a disease. Needing to be somewhere, do something, get something -- get in, get out, get on -- and if I race time, it races me. However much I do, it speeds further and further away, until I'm left in the dust.

And I still never sat, mind meandering, washed in the aroma of warmth and breakfast, noticing the quiet tide of stillness.

This is human.

To be, not to do.

Having celiac doesn't make me more or less human; but it has reminded me with sharp physical urgency that my time is limited, and that living is being, not busying.

But sometimes I can't slow down; I run so long I run myself over. And then I think books.  I think breakfast. And I think, doing one thing that takes time, engages all of my senses, and offers a mea…

Budget-Friendly Homemade Gluten-Free Granola (Oat-Free)

Gluten-Free Oat-Free Speedy Granola! Faster than a speeding bullet. More budget-friendly than your local .99 cent shop! Crunchy as a breast-feeding young mum eating hemp seeds out of a paper sack!

...or if you want to be short and sweet, Crispy Gluten-Free Buckwheat Granola.

These days, I have a longing to meander in kitchen at slow speeds, baking and chatting and cooking slow. But as a young professional in Beantown, I have a need for slow food made or available fast. Although it's foundational to self-care and good digestion to eat in peace, and slowly, that doesn't mean every meal I swallow needs to take as long to cook as it does to eat.

Still, I'm an independent imp of an individual here. I freelance. I consult. And I like to add the in's myself to my breakfast. Some days, it's cinnamon. Some days, it's dried fruit. Some days, it's honey and banana and almond butter.

Granolas on the market are mainly oat-based (safe or unsafe for celiacs, the question …

GFAF Expo Seacaucus Recap and Highlights, 2016

The Gluten Free Allergen Friendly Expo hit New Jersey on Oct 15-16 with a celiac crowd like no other, and a line-up of new and old gluten-free products good as gold. Perhaps better, since you can't eat gold, whatever your dietary stretch is.  From solid national  gluten-free standouts like Canyon Bakehouse, and The Greater Knead (previously Sweet Note Bakery -- NY-style bagels!) to Pascha Chocolate and Freedom Foods (celiac safe o's, don't go for the Cheerios), New England-local Bakery on Main (oatless granolas), and the nutless wonder (now offering organic) Sunbutter! no category was left unfilled.

But I'm diving into this recap on the note of WHAT'S NEW and WHAT'S LOCAL? If you read Tumbling Gluten Free, or walk into a market these days, you've seen some of the highlighted breads and breakfasts, snacks and brands above. But the highlight of this event was some of the stellar new products I discovered, as well as the wonderful opportunity to participate wi…

GFAF Wellness Event Hartford Highlights and Giveaway!

I love Gluten Free Allergen Free Wellness Events. Wherever they are, they're full of the double-nourishment of community and food.  Nikki always brings that wholeness to the experience of getting well-fed -- with food restrictions! -- to the cities to visits with the GFAF events.

Unique to Hartford this year: Not only were attendees leaving with smiles and exclamations of gratitude but the vendors, filing out, packing up, buzzed with the same excitement. Hugely vocal, those who had decided to pitch a table were just as grateful as those food allergic and celiac attendees who got to eat their gluten-free goods -- cookies, cakes, pizza, and pastas.  As they poured out, I heard almost the constant buzz of thanks! to Nikki and the GFAF Event team.

It was bloody brilliant to see the community introduced to the gluten-free resources like Heirloom Kitchen, Bakery on Main, Gluten Free Sourdough Company, Peace of Mind Baking, and Ehsto Pasta -- resources buried in their own bakcyards.


Put "I Can" into Celiac During Halloween, and Teal Pumpkins Galore

Hullo Teal Pun'kin. Do you know what this means? It means Halloween -- safe Halloween -- for me, and for all the children who like me have celiac disease, the need to eat gluten-free, or a life-altering food allergy.
When you put up a Teal Pumpkin on your porch, or in your window, you're saying "I have non-edible treats or allergen-free sweets". You're sayingyou're not alone, to thousands of kids who otherwise might be able to wander about blithely through the night, decked out in ninja-garb or masks, but could not participate in the trick-or-treating. Some shouldn't even handle the packaging of treats with allergens in them. A teal pumpkin says, Inclusion.
So how do you deal with Halloween if you have celiac or celiac or food-restricted kids? 
This year, I ran a Skype workshop  for families who deal with celiac specifically, including other diseases that require a modified diet (diabetes is a brick-to-the-head for kids), and food allergies. A teal pumpki…