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Having an Appetite for Life, or Gluten Free: Don't Feed Yourself Like a Machine

"But what about the nutritional content?"

Gluten- free! Magnesium! Protein! Balanced fats? Is it enough? Is it too much? Will it get me through the next few hours? Arginine? Essential aminos? Probiotics?

My head shot questions -- fix'em, figure'em, analytical-questions -- a few mornings ago.

I can tell I'm burnt out and depressed if I'm more concerned about the discrete building blocks of a meal, dissected,, than excited or full of expectation for the day's event.

Health and happiness and good nutrition are all good things. But if we eat to fuel, or eat to heal, or eat to fix, our mind has lost its health. To live is eat because it is good to eat and enjoy. To live is to exercise because one loves the outdoors, or the swish of galoshes in mud puddles; loves foils and mountains and bikes; loves the rush of deep breathing or the laughter of tag games with siblings or nieces or nephews.

A person shouldn't exercise because they are fat. They should exercise …

Last-Minute Gluten-Free Gift Guide

Gifts are tricksy no matter who and what. But what if the recipient is gluten-free and Celiac? What if they can't eat dairy either? What if -- even more mind-blowing -- they have habits, hobbies, and loves beyond their medically indicated diet?

I've found heaps of family and friends want to get me food, and haven't the foggiest what to buy.  What they don't know is that most gifts, including underwear, are gluten-free. Underwear aside, if you're looking for last-minute food or food-free presents to present to a dear friend or family member who can't eat gluten, the following list will fit both needs.

If you celebrate Christmas, don't worry about the timing either. Give yourself a break. Christmas begins the 25th and lasts 12 days. Not to mention, since the commercial enterprises ignore this nearly 2-week streak of festivity, they put everything on sale the day after.

That digression aside: Gift good this season -- good and gluten-free.

Here's the list:


RECIPE: Mung Dal Curry, or Gluten Free Warm in Winter

In Autumn, warmth and slow-cooked fight off the coming cold. Nourishing a body is about more than plugging calories in.  Eating is healing and sustaining because it's a whole-person experience -- heart, mind, soul. With Celiac Disease, or with any disease, including anxiety or clinical stress, the gut takes a hit, and needs especially gluten free and especially nurturing foodstuffs.

This Mung Curry is a blend of all of the above. Mung beans are the easiest to digest of legumes, barring lentils. They cook down to a creamy texture, complemented by the buttery-sweet of Now Food's excellent organic, infused coconut oil.  And you can make a huge pot for the week, and eat slowly without needing to cook slowly every day.

Though sitting down to eat slowly is a non-negotiable if recovering a sense of serenity on the insides.

Life itself is a ragged enough rumpus of a ride.  Add Celiac, or a gluten-free/dairy-free need, and your body probably requires an extra dose of gentleness, and nut…