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Warming, Healing, ThanksGiving: Gluten-Free Bone Broth

As the days grow dimmer -- and shorter -- and the cold seeps in, broth, soup, and the smell of baking begin to sound especially comforting. No wonder. They are. "But you can't eat good stuff," remarked a casual acquaintance as I expressed this Autumn meditation, "I mean, you're gluten free."

Pshaw. Most good foods are gluten-free naturally. Broth, for instance. Chicken soup. Black Bean Brownies.

And as Thanksgiving approaches, do you think about what's going to be on your table? While heaps of pop culture blarings, and some of the modern traditions, put wheat front and center, Thanksgiving is an easy hop into comforting, warming, naturally gluten-free fare.

And broth is not only healing and easy, it adds body and deep flavour to whatever you add it to.

If you're looking for a good Celiac-safe addition to the provender this holiday, make some bone broth.  I just did.  And the pot will last me a week and then some.

It warms the kitchen before it warms…

GFFAFest Stamford 2015 Re-Cap

Events like The Gluten Free Allergen Free Fest really aren't about the food -- they're about people.  But for individuals with Celiac Disease -- like me --  they do showcase food because FOOD means options. That's what the food is about, ultimately: options and opportunity -- and that's what vendors were all about in Stamford.

I've never attended a gluten-free conference with such an array of stellar local goods. Either the market is getting wise to the fact that slapping "GF" on something doesn't it cut it, or the understanding that naturally gluten-free grains and ingredients can shine without bland-brick-like mimicry of their gluten-containing cousins has finally sunk in. Whichever it is, it's bloody hard to re-cap the GFFA Fest from Nov 7-8 in Stamford as far as food -- I have a laundry list of exciting standouts.

Not just gluten-free, but organic, local, artisan-baked or small-batched --

Not just safe, but really most especially GOOD --

Not j…

PRODUCT REVIEW: Glo Bars, Gluten Free -[ Good, Live, Organic ]

GLO Bars are Raw Rev's protein-packed answer to the packaged question. Gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan and organic, created by registered nurse and chef, Benedetto, they axe the excess the sugar sometimes found in granola or protein bars. But it's what they include that matters more.

GLO Bars take out fillers, and fill the package with Good, Living, Organic taste and nutrition.

I wouldn't post on the little blokes, but they've become a Celiac-staple for me: as an athlete, and traveller. When I take a trip, they're in my gluten-free snack seat. When I compete, I have them in my equipment bag.

The original three flavours, Smooth Peanut Butter, Mixed Nut and Caramel, and Dark Chocolate PB just got updated with the addition of  Crunchy PB, and Dark Chocolate Cashew Mint. 

The new mint is almost overpowering -- it is, after all, made with actualmint essential oil. But the addition of chocolate and cashew gives it a second-chew-balance and subtlety that's complimented…

GFFAFest: Stamford, CT Gluten Free & More Celiac Event!

Meet me this weekend in Stamford, CT if you're a New England Celiac or gluten-free wanderer! The "Fest" features food and fun, education and fellowship, and goes all weekend of November 7-8 at the Hilton Stamford Hotel.

Whether you're New Englander or travel-tripping fiend like me, tumbling a few hours or 20 hours to get there, it's bound to be well worth the time.  One of the highlights is the traveling (who doesn't like long roads in Autumn-colour, creased by pre-Winter cloud-forthed skies?).  But if you're nearby especially, an all-time highlight is the chance to try a cornucopia of safe, gluten-free, organic, national and local food.

If you can get your weekend wandering on, take it to Stamford.

Traveling can be a bit brave if you have Celiac Disease. The good thing about traveling to an event such as GF and More's Fest is: You don't need to over-plan, or fear for lack of food -- you'll be full of it here.

If you're wondering what you…