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GFAF Event Hartford 2015 Product Highlights!

But speaking of standouts at the GFAF Wellness Event in Hartford, how do I sum-up every gluten-free food on the floor?  From Mo-'Pweeze Bakery, to Nature's Grocer and Natural Contents, from Jen's Grain Free Gourmet goods to local Rising Star Pizza, and in between Raw Local and Bridget's Breads right beside national-but-local-based Enjoy Life and Bakery on Main -- no vendor disappointed. On top of that Schar showed up, and Dr. Anne RD showed off their new breads, artisan-style and now multi-grain to include not just taste, but nutrition.

Bridget's Bread:  Connectiuct-based. This woman can bake.  Her bread is moist, her bread is fresh, her bread is PUMPERNICKEL.  No, dead serious -- she makes a pumpernickel loaf better than anything I've ever had.  If you're looking for good bread, and are rather weary of the tried-true-but-sometimes-holy (not to mention small) Udi's, order from Bridget.  She sold out at this event. Her ingredients are fresh, her grains wh…

Product Review: Almond Milk...For Realz, Like Totally (Orgain's Gluten-Free)

I was knocking around a Boston-area Whole Foods this Summer, and I couldn't have been more pleased to knock into Orgain's new Almond Milk. I don't know why it's taken them this long to peg out a social media blast about it. With ten times the protein of other almond milks on the shelves, and a good nutritional profile of micronutrients as well, the sweetened and unsweetened vanilla taste and texture like a smoothie.

Most nut-based milks are almost nutless in truth -- calorie-less, protein-less, and nutritively bankrupts slosches -- sometimes vaguely tasty -- usually watery and limp.

Not so this bugger.

I've been picking it up since June now, and posting photos occasionally as the whim takes me. I wholeheartedly toss it to clients -- especially mums with young ones who can't have dairy but still need the nutritive punch of protein and b-vitamins.

But simply: This milk just pleases the palate. I love its creaminess, the light vanilla flavour, and the nutrition.

What Makes a Celiac Event? People First, Product Second -- GFAF Wellness Hartford Re-Cap

GFAF Wellness Hartford Re-Cap

The Gluten Free Allergen Free Event in Hartford had an uncanny density of quality -- in food; in people; and in the presentations.  It may have been smaller than many, but there was no exhibitor  I didn't enjoy. More standout still, Nikki Everett gathered a group almost solely local gluten-free vendors

This year tied a small hall to local gluten free vendors -- if it had been as large as Expo West, it couldn't have been better, because there was not one booth on the floor, or one presenter in the education line-up, that wasn't stellar.  Perhaps a greater feat than even the density of the day's quality in company and food was the fact that Nikki Everett managed to gather all of these exhibitors, professionals, and Celiac advocates from the surrounding area.

One of the key strengths of Nikki's events is that they recognize the value -- the necessity -- of local resources -- small businesses, farms, area-based healthcare and educators -- i…

[Recipe} Cyclops Squash! Halloween Keen Gluten Free

What about a cyclops squash?  Celiac Disease may take heaps of healing.  But the peeps that say gluten free is a rarity, difficult, or work-intensive for eating have got it inside-out.  Naturally gluten-free is naturally easy.  Just like this little squash face.  Perhaps the hard bit is taking the time to change-up a routine, try something new, or experiment.

But you can't fail.  Especially when the result is supposed to be Halloween-ugly.

Two weeks ago, Cyclops Squash was born.  My religious education class is all first grade, and I don't know a kid who doesn't like finger food, nut butter, or sweet of some sort.  Perhaps fewer like squash.  That, however, is likely because they've never had squash squashed, monstered, and globbed with Nuttzo.

Make a Polyphemus out of a Butternut, some Nuttzo (or similar nut butter), chocolate chips, and drizzles of honey and cinnamon.  The drizzles are for snot and blood after Odysseus pokes the piggish-pongo in the eye-hole. The chi…

Gluten Free Allergen Free Event, Hartford 2015 (and Giveaway!)

In less than two weeks,  Saturday, October 17, the Gluten Free Allergen Free Events brings the gluten-free party to Hartford, CT!

This one-day wonder of community-building, outreach, education, and good food, neatly encompassed what it means to pursue -- and gain -- wellness. Wellness, especially when it comes to diseases that affect our ability to obtain, retain, and share nourishment, must include more than just a switch-up of foods.

Substituting gluten-free bread for whole-wheat may help heal the gut. But no gluten-free bread in the world will take away the isolation of being unable to join friends or family and break the same bread

One of the beautiful things about the Wellness events is their community and education-based focus.

Join methere, and look up the recent webcast that gathered the speakers online!

You can find write-ups and local food-based resource from previous events in St. Louis here.

This time around, I'll be speaking on booting the fear out of the expe…

RECIPE: Eat Pancakes, Don't Die (Or, Gluten-Free Breakfast on a Dime)

What's easier than breakfast?  Gluten-free breakfast. Don't buy all the blather that breakfast is the hardest meal to manage if you have Celiac Disease.  Breakfast is simple. Breakfast is naturally gluten-free. Breakfast is pancakes.  And breakfast can be beautiful, simple, and easy -- not just gluten-free, but grain free and in 3 ingredients.

I woke up this past week in a fog, feeling the chill of Winter in the air -- the hurricane had hung a torrent-terror of wind and wet on the Boston eaves. The air bit.  And I wanted something warm for breakfast.

Wobbly in the dark, I stumbled to the pantry. Eat pancakes, said a little Pooh-voice in my head, and with the pathetic tone of Pooh-wishing-for-honey, it added, don't die. This seemed bleak, but maybe sometimes that's a natural darkside in anyone's mind who has been malnourished, and wakes up in the dark and cold.

But pancakes sounded warm.

On my shelves, I found the left-overs of samples NOW Foods had sent me: A tub of…

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Do you use Bloglovin?  I'm there now -- official and fully -- and if you want a rather neat site to keep track of your gluten-free, travel, writerly or photographic wanderings in the blogosphere, Bloglovin's got you covered.

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Bloglovin is an excellent service.  Nice interface. Another opportunity to build community, online or otherwise, and stay educated and aware of the options you have to hit the road, or explore happily at home, with Celiac Disease.

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