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Local Events: Tumblin' Gluten Free in Boston, Celiac-Style

Celiac Disease isolates. Food is necessarily social.  Sharing meals and cooking have been parts of the human experience, and a key to thriving, since time out of mind.  But if you live in or near a spot like Boston, you oughtn't have any excuse for being trapped by a disease -- either of attitude or opportunity.

Boston, and surrounding New England, have heaps of gluten-free, celiac-safe resources for socializing, food involved. From whole-food-based events like farm stands to specifically gluten-free expos, Bean-town be boomin'.  Er, or bouncing. Whichever it is.  I realized I have a sore time finding these events before they happen though.

Oh bloody blazes, that gluten-free night out was last night? I thought not too long ago. Or, Are you joshing me? There are how many support groups in the area, and I've never been? Or I ran that allergy/celiac seminar two weeks ago, but I could have offered it to NECO, the Gluten Free and More peeps in CT, and ...?

No excuses for no con…

[RECIPE]: Nacho, Nacho, Nacho Mum's Nachos? (Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free)

Image, and puns.

Gluten-free, dairy-free, and made quickly nachos -- nothing sounds better than that on a day seesawing between grad courses, headaches, and fighting chest infections.  And beans. I have to say, I would be much more disappointed to have a disease that axed beans from my plate, than gluten. Gluten, after all, is only in a few grains; and it doesn't live in crisps, chips, beans, rice, or book pages.

(Cheese, on the other hand, I think I miss rather more, if I let myself.)

How do you eat well and nourish well when the rush sets in, with Celiac Disease?

Simple: The same way you nourish yourself under any circumstance -- commitment and action.

All the same, that  nourishment sometimes requires speedier preparation than would otherwise be restful. We live in a culture crisped by rush, efficiency, perfectionism, and priorities that skew practice away from community, self-care, and silence.

But it doesn't hurt to have a meal that's easily made.  These nachos are cl…

[Recipe]: Butterscotch-Dipped-Cone-in-a-Glass, or Chocolate Shake

It's shake-weather still.  Trees are turning, breeze breaks a chill at dawn, but the days still hop on with serious Summer heat by noon.  So I've been shake-making.  Little is easier gluten-free and dairy-free, nor more pleasing, than a shake with lunch.

Oy. Especially this one.

'Tis a tumbling free of dairy, gluten, soy, and nuts -- unless someone has got a problem with the coconut -- because its butterscotch bite comes from NOW / Ellyndale Food's most excellent butter-infused coconut oil.   It was a wild experiment of frozen green stuff, banana, and the oil NOW had so kindly dropped on me to try after I met Bryan at the GFAF Expo in Chicago.  The blend of creamy butter and coconut with a protein powder (Garden of Life's new Plant Protein) really does taste like a shake, almost malted, and it's stellar dusted with cacao and hemp seeds for texture and crunch.

All in all, I love shakes. Shakes, smoothies, creamy and crunchy.  If love can honestly be applied to …

Send Me Some Gluten Free... But Why You No Eat-able?

[ product review and giveaway ]
Win gluten-free food? Oy, yes.  But Send Me Gluten Free? Sadnessess -- gluten-free, yes; dairy-free, no this time 'round.
Disappointment nation.  I opened the box to find a stack of edibles that weren't eatable -- all but the Massel broth and Biena Chickpeas were doused in a dairy ingredient.

Send Me Gluten Free shoots out these boxes monthly. Subscription-based, they tout their variety and selection of novelty Celiac-safe offerings as cutting-edge. Not only does the box generally offer chances to try new products, it has -- at least in the past -- provided nutritionally dense, meal-sized offerings as well; and they are products whose taste is matched by their make-up.

Not this time around.

Why you no like me, Send Me GF?  I have Celiac -- and like many of my  fellow Celiacs -- I have a dairy allergy and lactose intolerance (both).

I can't eat brownie bites with butter.

I can't eat candy with whey and milk fat.

I can't eat chips with…

O Pleased By Bagels (Gluten-Free, They Be)

This is just a being-pleased-by-bagels-post. Such a post wouldn't be particularly notable if it weren't written by a Celiac, perhaps.  But gluten-free bagels aren't the first word in pleasing by a longshot.  When I was 14, and fencing multiple times per week, I liked to wake up at quarter past nine.  This gave me a window of 15 minutes to shoot out the door to the waiting car, and dad, who would shoot me to the studio -- and I usually snatched a raw bagel for breakfast.

The bagel was raw; the bagel was chewy; the bagel was studded with raisins. No doubt the bagel studded my gut with blunted and barraged villi,but I didn't know that then. Gut pain I chalked down to anxiety and an early morning.

The last post I made on bagels (Canyon Gluten Free  Bagel Product Review) was more business than I meant it to be.

Recently, I've gotten to try two bagels of exceptional quality, and wildly different looks: Canyon Bakehouse and Sweet Note Bakery. When looking for a good faux…