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Gluten-Free Roadtripping and Travel Tips

...or, Fuel Well to Feel Well

It isn't a no-brainer, travelling with Celiac Disease.  When it comes to hitting the road, I have half a dozen more boxes to check than my non-Celiac friends or fellow travellers. It isn't a no-brainer, but it doesn't have to be brain-drain, an emotional strain, or a dip into self-neglect.

I enjoy most when I'm well-fueled and well-rested.

So recently, I road-tripped rather madly -- like a hare out of fox's lair, really. I was moving, and then moving again, and then on-the-road to hit two Expos in-between re-settling in Boston. Yes, that part was insane.

But my strategies for being-on-the-road, fed, and gluten-free safely, weresane, not insane.

A few things I've found key to traveling on the road well are as follows:

Tumble free -
- Make a list of all things you're worried about, and cross out the ones that are a) out of your control and/ or b) really not priorities.
For example, traffic will be out of your control.  On the other…

A Nutball of a Giveaway: Gluten-Free Nuttzo 7 Nut n Seed Butter

Nuttzo has travelled with me far and wide. The 7 Nut n Seed Butter is perhaps my favourite nut butter on the market for taste, and definitely my favourite for its origins.  Organic, gluten-free, peanut-free, it's not only friendly on the gut, it's friendly on the environment, and promotes fair trade and small businesses. This jar, from my product review, crossed the continental United States with me and took a trek from the tip to toe of Ireland.

Nuttzo's nutrient-dense, unadulterated blend of sevenorganicnuts and seeds packs a lot of good micro-and-macro nourishment into a small jar. It's been a great tool for me in recovering from Celiac Disease, and getting enough variety as well as enough foodabsorbed.
Nuttzo founder's adoption story story launched Nuttzo's ace good nut butter.. After adopting two boys from Ukraine, both whom were just one out of innumerable children, malnourished and neglected in orphanages across Eastern Europe, Danielle decided first, she…

Celiac Disease: It's Not an Identity, It's a Circumstance

If I didn't have Celiac Disease, what would I be writing about?

Probably not food, after all.

Perhaps books, or film. I might be writing a travel-logue from Iceland, or  a serial detective adventure, crowd-sourced and character'ed by readers. I might writing about fencing, or French, or the Russian folk ballad, and the mournful balalaika -- or Ireland in Spring.  (I walked the length of it two years ago, through drenching rain, over emerald green hills, down highways and dirt roads with nothing but a macintosh, some solid shoes, and a satchel of apples and sandwiches on my back. Admittedly, I also had a copy of The Fellowship of the Ring. It added much more in relief and settledness and pleasure than it did in weight.)

I might be writing about Welsh, and how I love the deep-throated, lilting consonants around globed vowels -- and the music! Or the the Welsh myths, the Mabinogion.

I might be writing about children, teaching, educational philosophy.

But I have Celiac Disease. I…

GFAF Expo Recap Worcester: Community, Eat Local, Celiac Team

What was best about the Gluten Free Allergen Free Expo in Boston?  The people.  The event was full of good people, and people are invariably gluten-free -- though not always good.  The blogger team was a knock-out.  If you followed me on other social media platforms, hopefully you caught their names.

Some of the best resource we have as Celiacs is a community.  I shall link them all at the close of the recap -- visit their sites, get great productreviews, and follow them for local resources and events.

I am still knackered. It's been an up-hill trawl for me all of this year, and I'm still underweight with a wicked-wacked thyroid, and some continuing Celiac symptoms. Another post on adrenal fatigue and comorbid autoimmune diseases; for now, the Expo.

It was bloody brilliant. Good food, local food, and all Celiac-safe.  Some of the best products out there had reps on the floor;  I only missed seeing Canyon Bakehouse and Better Bean Co. Otherwise, Way Betters Snacks -- sprouted, …

When Even the Floor Ain't Safe (Gluten-Free, Serious-Celiac-Style)


I had to shout that at myself, recently.  I had just returned from the Gluten Free Allergen Free Expo -- and I dropped a heap of Way Better Snacks Black Bean chips, and my black beans, on the kitchen floor.  I was starving.  I have Celiac Disease.  I sometimes eat like a kid -- which means off the floor...except when living with flatmates who eat bread, I don't have a floor that allows for five seconds.

A crumb of bread sets off my autoimmune response, and damages my gut.
I can haz chips?  I wanted to say. Plz?

The rubbish bin had the chips. Bloody heck, it's was a wrench to dump them though.

This should be part of a list-blog, another one:


1) I can eat ants, right? and dirt? WHY NOT OFF THE KITCHEN FLOOR IN A GLUTEN-MIXED HOUSE?
2) Remind Celiac-kids: Five second rule -- it does not work on gluten. If it works at all.
3) I can haz burger, plz?  O wait. Not off the grill you just toasted buns on. 
It really is the little things in li…

Recipe: The Smoothest Shake This Side of Gluten-Free (and Plant Protein Giveaway Winners!)

What's better in Summer time than smoothies and shakes?

Perhaps this smoothie, in the singular.  Almond butter, vanilla, smooth kabocha puree and Japanese sweet potatoes create a texture in a class of its own -- smoothest, creamiest of shakes-variety -- as does the Garden of Life Plant Protein.

Bloody brilliant gluten-free fare in heat that feels like soggy cement here in New England.

If you're looking for a sweet without the chemicals, to gain a healthy amount of weight and want to add the shake for extra nutritional (and highly digestible) punch, or simply love the naturally gluten-free fun of playing with smoothies, this shake is for you.

It's also an exceptional post-workout burst of nutrition, balanced carbohydrates and solid protein, with a shot of necessary fats.

But mostly, it's a treat. That, in itself, after long working days or long dragging days of heat, is nourishing.

Try the recipe below.  And congratulations to the Plant Protein GiveawayWinners!  Serin …