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Gluten-Free, Free, and Fun (Or, An Experience of Food, No Celiac Risks Involved)

How often can you say you get to do something food-related, and wholly free from the risk of gluten-exposure? If you have Celiac, gluten-free is a necessity; and the risk of gluten-exposure is a serious risk.  But going out to play with food is a Russian-roulette experience when it comes to most social eating, restaurants, or potlucks -- and if not outright dangerous, fraught with the anxiety of hyper-vigilance.

I found one food experience that never spits gluten at me, and gives me a jolt of excitement each time I take to it.


How often do you get a food-related experience that's wholly gluten-free, and free?

The abandoned lots, parks, and otherwise-open-spaces in and around Boston -- along the river, back around the back bay -- are greener than God's thumb.  Not only that, if you know where to look -- and what to look for -- they're bursting with wild-growing edibles.

None of it wheat.

Lamb's Quarters grows like the weed it is, in bushes, and in crawling, ba…

Recipe: Black Bean Beet Frijoles, Beautiful Gluten-Free

But is it dinner time, and can I have beans?

I think, though, I always want beans. It's been a long haul these last few months -- expos, trying a new job, quitting a new job, dealing with adrenal fatigue -- and I haven't written much about it at all.  From one thing driving out another, I suppose -- that's a sign of over-work, over-busy-ness, over-wrought, and time to stop.  Celiac Disease plus Life -- full time jobs in themselves, da?
So tonight, I'll just write about beans.  
Nutritionals and superfoods be blasted into hades. Beans are just good.  I grew up with beans. I made beans myself. My mum and papi made beans like mad in enormous pots that made the entire house smell, and I never got sick eating beans. 
One of my favourite recipes of all times is one I made last night, feeling homesick for ocean, and salsa, and Summer visits to family on the United States southwest coast. 
I tumbled home to my flat, and I just wanted beans, and salsa, and avocado.
It's a w…

Product Review and Giveaway! Plant Protein -- It's Gluten Free Like a Boss

I can't say how much I love Garden of Life's new Plant Protein powders.

Just in time for Summer and shakes, this package hit my doorstep: All five flavours of the grain free and gluten-free Plant Protein protein powders. I've been adding protein powders to meals lately, because thyroid imbalances (indeterminate in diagnosis as yet) and some continued malabsorption have kept me below an ideal weight. I've also been helping a few clients find a solid protein powder for athletic recovery.  With the thyroid on the fritz, I haven't been fencing -- but helping some clients who have Celiac with proper mealreplacement and nutrition during their athletic pursuits has kept me looking for good nutrition for athletic performance as well.

For athletes, for those with Celiac, for anyone looking to supplement their nutrition, sometimes, protein powders are a necessity.  Sometimes, they're the answer to a life lived at a speed that makes at least one meal a rush -- and powder…

Recipe: Yes, Let's! A Squash Bowl for Breakfast

Sometimes, it's the simple food that's best.  Mostly always.

I've been eating Squash Bowls for breakfast.  They're a quick pudding, and lovely. Naturally gluten-free, easy on the pocketbook, they're also sweet and a full blend of flavours, and they match brilliantly with a cup of protein-packed (courtesy of Garden of Life Plant Protein) Coconut Milk.

Also, in the bloody rush of things lately, I've wanted something satisfying, novel, and easily prepared.

And maybe weird.

One of the best things about having Celiac is eating whatever you like in a mad exploratory way.  Perhaps that's the basis of intuitive eating, in a nutshell.  What sounds good, or interesting, and let's try it!  (Sans gluten, of course -- whatever you like not containing gluten.)

I taught a workshop recently utilizing a tool I learned from my little brother, who is a dedicated theater-little-bloke and play improv with Shakespeare: It's called, Yes, let's!

Well, the Squash Bowl …

Independence Day Gluten-Free -- Free From FOOD FEAR (and a Berry Trifle)

Eating -- it isn't alway so much, or so imperatively, a matter of what, as it is a matter of how. Barring the incident that I have to eat gluten-free, I don't have any other rules about food. "Right" is not a way to eat, it is a direction. Well is a way to eat. Nourished. Peaceful.  Enjoyably, is a way to eat -- and hopefully nearly always the way one does eat. With Celiac, safely is a way to eat.

But eating never should be an action made from fear.  Eating isn't a way to control our lives or our bodies, but another way to enjoy both.

As a nutritionist now, not just teaching preschool but teaching workshops and taking calls from frantic parents of kids with allergies, behavioural problems, or Celiac Disease -- taking calls from young sorts my age or men and women with families, mad-busy lives, and low-tolerance for time spent on nutrition -- I've found more and more people want to eat right.

Or they think there is a right way to eat.

As a coach, a consultant,…