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WHAT'S TATERS PRECIOUS? or, What's For Breakfast If You're Celiac


Boil 'em, mash 'em, stick 'em in a stew... Or it's breakfast time, gluten-free. Hash them, mash them, and douse them in eggs.  I woke up feeling like orange. Which was good, because I had a fridge full of sweet potato innards.  What do you eat for breakfast? is one of the most common questions I get from friends or clients when they learn I have Celiac -- or learn that they have it.

I was terribly tempted these last couple of queries to bellow: WHAT'S TATERS, PRECIOUS?

As a segueway into self-care, I've been theming days HOBBIT DAYS, meaning looking at the day in terms of abundance, and many meals. Literally and figuratively.  Isn't it easy to forget in the buzz and busy of a day that I'm not made live on empty.

It is.

But what's taters, precious?  A naturally sweet-and-savoury gluten-free breakfast.  This hash is an easy mash on a shoestring budget, a quick but satisfying meal, and the absolute answer to how do you eat …

Gluten Free Allergen Free Expo: Boston 2015!

The Gluten Free Allergen Free Expo is headed next to Boston July 25, 2015. A whole weekend of gluten-free food, educational seminars, and opportunities to mix and mingle with fellow Celiacs -- it doesn't get much better.  Be surrounded by food without fear? Oh yes.  Because not a crumb will contain gluten.

It's headed to Boston, but I'm glad I don't have to head anywhere much to get there, because I've been on the road enough in the last few months!  If you want good food, good company, and a fun Summer weekend, join me! I'm giving away free tickets to a lucky winner below.

Wondering just what you'll find at the expo center for two full days?


The Expo shells out a freesamplebag on admission, full of coupons and packaged gluten-free, allergen-free snacks.
Find a free cooking class with professional cook, Oonagh Williams, who cooks from scratch and makes naturally gluten-free treats and baked goods.
Get the lowdown on gluten in medica…

What a Restaurant Needs to Be Gluten-Free

...and just what does gluten-free mean?

Gluten-free means free from gluten.  To have an establishment with gluten-free food means an establishment that can guarantee to closest measurement possible that its food is free from gluten. That does sound self-explanatory.  But an eatery that douses chips in fryers shared with wheat flour, makes pizzas on stones slapped with wheat-floured crusts, and cooks up pancakes on the same griddle as the more common-gluten-containing variety does not serve gluten-free.
It may serve meals of essentially gluten-free ingredients. But it does not serve final products free of gluten.
And it isn't safe for anyone with severe allergies, or any one with Celiac Disease.

A restaurant advertising itself as gluten-free ought to be able to claim its plated, final and prepared options are gluten-free not just at the start but when they hit your table.

Many, if not most restaurants with gluten-free menus don't do the half of this though.  They are just as risky …

[Recipe] Not What I Ate, WHY I EAT Wednesdays (and Gluten Free Brownies)

Learning:  It's active, but not self-conscious.

How do you re-learn food when you have Celiac Disease?  In today's case, by brownies.

I woke craving brownies -- ones like the palm-sized squares heaped on primrose plates at Passiflora in New Hartford, CT.  In point of fact, I've rather been craving brownies and books for weeks.  But I finally got off weeks of travel to stay with my grandmum, and I had the chance to pick up the ingredients for some gluten-free fudge.

These little buggers are sweet without the sweet that soaks up all other taste; they've a good earthy-fudge flavor and texture, and they bake up in a trice.

BLACK BEAN FUDGE BROWNIES [gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free ]

prep time: 10 mins.  bake time: 25-35 or until toothpick comes out clean
2 tbs coconut flour (Bob's Red Mill does nicely) 4 heaping tbs organic cocoa powder 1 tsp vanilla extract 2 tsp maple syrup 1 packet NOW stevia powder 1/2 cup organic pureed black beans  (Better Bean Cubans do br…

Gluten-Free Bagel That Talks Like a Bagel, Acts Like a Bagel... (Canyon Bakehouse Bagel Review + Giveaway!)

Gluten-free bagels and giveaway?  That's usually a bloody YES PLEASE.But is it a good bagel?  Because hyksos knows, there have been enough rocks on the market, marketed to Celiacs, for years.

 But what is a good bagel?
One of my favourite gluten-free breadmakers, Canyon Bakehouse, just answered LIKE THIS (and here's the product review -- and a chance to wintheir Plain and Everything Bagels):
bagel that looks like a bagel, acts like a bagel, and really is a bagel is about as rare as a Saquatch. Various brands have launched bagels.  But it's been a bleak frontier for mass-marketed Celiac-safe variety on any market shelf -- after all, a good bagel has two or three key facets that make it what it is.

I didn't think a mass-produced product to hit all three.  
Chewy on the the inside.  Crisp crust.  Toastable without turning to a rock.  Enjoyable chewy untoasted or enjoyable half-burnt and crunchyWITHOUT LOSING THE CHEW.  Canyon Bakehouse …

Gluten Free Event St Louis: Local, Lively, Celiac Support Spreads

The Gluten Free Allergen Free Event in St Louis was a double-heading highlight of both necessaryCeliacresources:  food, and supportivecommunity.  Nikki, the effervescent organizer, has gift for pulling the local. If anything, she managed to balance a showcase of stellar good Celiac eats with even more stellar local advocates in a line-up of wonderful educational speakers.

Highlights The FOOD
Think. Eat. Live

A sunflower seed flour.  Think. Eat. Live. I loved.  The highprotein flour blend is particularly kind to any food sensitivity, and not only that, it carries a flavor profile both earthy and sweet, much like its seed-base. Samples included Carrot Cake Waffles, and brownies with a texture like velvet and deep chocolate flavor without overwhelming sweetness; and the company makes a plain base flour, as well as a pancake mix, and others.

Gluten Free Gourmet (paleo baked goods from Jen):

Good eats, all paleo, all gluten-free, dairy-free, and in 3-6 ingredients. Jen keeps it mostly sugar