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Celiac Disease Awareness: Top Resources This Month

I'm about to hit the road for the Chicago Gluten Free Allergen Free Expo.  It's perfect timing -- May is Celiac Disease Awareness Month, May is Spring, and I've been itching to travel.  So before I peg off into the blue, I want to write up some of the resources recently released for Celiac support, recovery, and research.

The National Foundation for Celiac Awareness put on an amazing summit in MD just weeks ago. Oy, I didn't get to go!  But the resource is online.

The summit also hit at the perfect time.  I've been consulting with some newly-diagnosed Celiacs.  I met Bridget while staying temporarily in Connecticut, and she's in the thick of transition, with a family that is semi-supportive but only vaguely educated about the effects of and treatment for Celiac.

When I was diagnosed, there was nothing on the planet I could find to...what?  That was actually part of the problem.

What did someone with Celiac Disease even need?

The NFCA's summit summed it up …

Nourished: Good Food + Good Info -- Gluten Free Allergen Free Expo Chicago 2015!

Join me May 2-3 in Chicago for the Gluten Free Expo!  I'll be tumbling off into a road-trip in just a few weeks, and the first stop is this celiac-sharp event in the heart of the Windy City!  One of the largest gluten-free events in the United States, GFAF Expos don't just roll out a wealth of educational opportunities and classes, they shower attendees with most excellent gluten-free and allergen-free food.

I had the privilege of blogging it up with them in San Francisco a year ago, and am tumbling excited to hit Chicago in a few weeks.

Wonder what you'll get for a ticket's admit? (Want to get a special deal on the weekend?  Buy tickets online through my link HERE to get a special 20% off through May 1st! Really. GOOD DEAL.)
This year, vendors (and reams of samples) include some stand-by's: Udi's, Canyon Bakehouse,Food For Life, Namaste, Bob's Red name just as few.  But I'll also be seeing  some new peeps on the roundabout I've yet to try …

Recipe: Gluten-Free French Fry Bowl For Breakfast

Some days, you run out of gluten free toast.  Some days, gluten free toast costs over-the-hedge of the budget.

Some days, you just want french fries for breakfast.  Is that the life of a twenty-something Celiac, writer, and nutritionist?

Since it was for me,  I pulled out some previously-baked potatoes, and made THIS.

FRENCH FRY BREAKFAST BOWL (yes, it is a potato)

It is bloody brilliant, tastes like a french fry and makes a perfect bowl for savory or sweet fillings in the morning.  I'm an egg...or three...a day breakfaster, thus mine scooped up some excellent local pastured eggs.

But you know, this little bloke also fit great dipped in chocolate Nuttzo Nut Butter, and on another day, eaten salted and crunchy as a side for a smoothie.

Need the recipe?  perhaps hardly.  But here are the steps to making it, and a list of fillings I've been stuffing the little buggers with all week.  Sometimes, it's got to be toast.  But other times, you really just want a french fry.  Which i…

[ Listers ] Gluten-Free In A Snow Storm -- It Has Its Advantages, or...

So this is what you think when you have Celiac and eat gluten free, and you've lived in a below freezing snowscape for what feels like a million years. Now that the weather is finally clearing, I found the time to put together a list of all the advantages. Of freezing non-stop through Winter with a gluten-free lifestyle. 

Perhaps I found the time because Spring has cracked the ice off New England.  Things look so much funnier after they've passed.


No, really.

Just look.

The Plus Side of Freezing with Celiac Disease

1.  You don't need to worry about freezer space. The PORCH will do!

2. Pre-planning meals -- often a necessity when you're looking at a long week and are taking good care of your health (this means: not risking cross-contamination) no longer depends on the roommates' use or non-use of the fridge and freezer for GLUTEN.  Your trunk does just fine for storage.

3. Smoothies? On…

Product Review: Nuttzo, Gluten-Free Good Gives Good Back

I could eat Nuttzo every day -- on toast; on sweet potatoes; in smoothies; on a spoon. Gluten-fee, dairy-free, organic, this nut and seed butter is top of the line.  Mostly because it tastes good. Secondarily because the company is one that makes good, and that's good with a capital 'G'. Danielle launched this Nut and Seed Butter powerhouse with the intention of giving back, and meeting one of the primary needs of children around the world--nutrition,  and nourishment.

Nutrition and nourishment, though synonymous, aren't always the same thing.

The story:  Danielle adopted.  When she met their son-to-be in an orphanage in Ukraine, he was 3 -- and in the 5th percentile for weight in his age group.  He was starved for food and family.  Thus was born Project Left Behind, along with Nuttzo:  Nuttzo, nutrient-dense and delicious food, and PLF, for all those children left behind -- because however big her heart was, Danielle couldn't adopt the entire orphanage.

This is my…

Sourdough Scam: Dan's Ad for Gluten Free? Not That or Celiac Safe

"Sourdough for Celiacs"? Not by a long shot.  Dan the Baker's traditionally-wheat-containing sourdough has recently been touted as safe for Celiacs.

One statement: Bread containing gluten, sourdough or otherwise, is never safe if you have Celiac Disease.

The internet has tossed tales around for ages about sourdough possibly being all right for the Celiac population due to its ferment.  The only partial truth bunked in that declarative sentence is that ferments do make food more digestible.

But Celiac Disease is not about an individual's struggle to digest gluten, per se.  Celiac Disease is about an individual with an immune system that goes AWOL and wrecks their small intestine when gluten is ingested.  Subsequently but secondarily, gluten/wheat, and most other nutrients in the mix, don't get digested well.

So a quick sum-up and reminder (and link to the always excellent National Foundation for Celiac Awareness' product warning):  Sourdough bread?  Not a free…

Easter Foods, and Easter Freely: Gluten-Free? Or Just Worry-Free

I love exploring.  Where to today? I woke up this morning wondering, and that sense of freedom is just what Easter means to me.  Where to today? is possible.  It's always gluten-free because wandering, exploring, and life aren't restricted by disease.  After all, Robert Louis Stevenson lay in bed most of his life, but even he travelled like mad in words and wonder.

"To know what you prefer instead of humbly saying AMEN to what the world tells you you ought to prefer, is to have kept your soul alive." --Robert Louis Stevenson
This Easter, food is not foremost.  I'm on the road still, and consciously making tumbling free from gluten and restriction less about food.  One can eat gluten-free and safely, and still be tied as tight as a slave to food, if food and where it comes from and how it's prepped and when it's eaten is all the mind is wrapped in.

I've caught my head seran-wrapped in food lately out of fear, and I'm sick of it.  Health is also a d…