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Health Food Corner: Gluten Free, Organic, Sustainability in a Nutshell

I love this little shop in New England.  In Winston, CT to be precise.  It's chock full of good, from the owner's personal commitment to the integrity of her goods, to the goods themselves.

How can you eat well -- eat to nourish -- if you don't have the resource after all?  That's a question more and more friends have asked me recently. They're confronting their health, and the state of food in their choices...and that means confronting changing their routines and habits.  Is food just garbage in / garbage out? Or is it integral to a community in more than gasoline is integral to a car running?  Is food about sustaining, not just fueling?

Talking to a woman who has lived in Winston for 50 years, I got a picture of food and wellness I don't see often in the culture at large.  She still owns her family farm. They've never used pesticides.  She gave me a bag full of local carrots, as ugly-beautiful as a root can be, and crisp as mid-winter.

At the same time, a…

A Celiac's Guide to Gluten-Free Weight Gain, or...

Image to eat well, eat often, eat to nourish.

Or, how about a smoothie?

Even on the lam -- or rather, on the road and visiting -- there's time for self-care and recovery. I was gluten'ed 3 times in fewer than 3 months badly enough the doctor pegged me not just intestinally damaged but adrenally fatigued.  (Adrenal Fatigue: often tied up with autoimmune diseases, but that's for another post).

One way to recover from both is to relax and enjoy.  No, not the pain.  That may not be enjoyable by any stretch, no matter the attitude of gratitude one takes.  I can take a lot of good attitude, but lying about how I feel never does wonders; it isn't strictly grateful either.

So how about a smoothie?  and enjoy.

I love Garden of Life for their protein powders, packed with probiotics and micronutrition.  But I discovered Vega during Expo West, and then found a heap of their tubs at a discount shop.

Vega One: gluten-free, dairy-free, high-protein and easily digestible, this blend a…

Get Rooted: Ritual, Routine, Celiac Self-Care

This morning, I woke up. This is a good way to start a day. Not waking up puts a severe damper on on getting out into the world to explore...but I've been dragging, and disinterested, and exhausted. No perhaps-ing it:  I have been bloody too long on a stress-boat, which is as much as attitude and practice as it is outside events. Thus, lately, routines and habits have been on the mind.

One necessary building block to succeeding in self-care when you've Celiac, when you eat gluten-free, is building a routine.

Recently, I read an article comparing routine to ritual.  Ritual is more than habit-forming, it's soul nourishing.  Routine can be draining -- dart-like, of the poisoned sort; I've practiced my share of compulsive routines with the motive of making right what feels uncontrollable. Yet ritual kicks that rut, and adds permanence and meaning to repetition; usually, it adds community as well.

For a long time, my Celiac symptoms, and then even my life post-diagnosis, se…

Recipe: Pumpkin-Pie-in-a-Glass (Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free)

UPDATED 10 October '16

It's cold in New England.  Snow will be sticking, and sticking, and sticking again,  -- and then for well-ploughed snow-walls up beside the roadways and down the drive, and icicles that hang snaggletoothed two storeys long. Even now, it's rather cold for smoothies.  Though I've been making my share of smoothies all the same -- there's little easier to toss together gluten-free and whole-food-fast than a smoothie.  (Not to mention, because of the ease of nutritional additions, smoothies are a great go-to: they provide meal supplements for healthy weight gain, or snacks for celiac-athlete recovery that's easily digestible.)

But it will soon be colder. Below zero farenheit cold.

Cold.  Anything that switches things up makes for excellent opportunity to innovate.

So Pumpkin-Pie-in-a-Glass was born.

I've taken my MRM Veggie Elite and Garden of Life Raw protein powders, and with a bit of tinned organic pumpin, organic soy milk, and spices,…