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Product Review: Celiac Stamped Sure: Garden of Life Raw (Gluten Free) Protein!

How do you get better gluten-free fuel than Garden of Life Raw?  Er, perhaps by adding Nuttzo Nut Butter.

Succeeding at Celiac Disease takes two keys things: One is willingness.

The other is probably routine.

Willingness to be a self-advocate, make your nutrition top.  Routine to become confident in the food you choose, and your ability to prepare it.  And it bloody takes time.

When I first looked up Garden of Life Raw, I was looking for a solid dairy-free protein that I could add in to my eating.  Easily digestible, plant-based, with a faintly grainy texture but all-sprouted protein sources, GoL was bloody brilliant (and not too painfully steep on price).

Our mad world looks for loss before gain when it comes to fuel (and it being Eating Disorder Awareness Week, take note, gluten-free people!): I use to GoL for healthy weight maintenance, nutrition, and weight gain.  I especially like Raw Fit for that, which packs a healthier punch of caloric density into a scoop.  Probably since '…

Mind-Snacks: Always Gluten Free, Part of the Celiac Recovery

These are old words that don't mean anything to me, and I'm hungry. I woke up with that, and discouragement, in my head.  SEO then asks for gluten-free and celiac in a first sentence, but the best tool for writing or blogging is to write for oneself, to write honestly, to write with passion.

How does one snack mindfully for the mind?  With food so important -- and the rush of work, other's demands, day-in's, and day-out's, I have even forgotten a few times to snack well for my body.  But I woke up hungry for more than breakfast this morning.

Being hungry reminds me I'm more than a machine, and that when I surfaced from pre-diagnosed Celiac Disease into hope I also surfaced into awareness that I needed to nourish myself body, mind, psyche.

If I don't eat well, my body shorts out.  If I don't eat safely, my disease sets off and ruins my life for weeks, and my health -- mental and physical.

If I don't pause to wonder, pause to listen, pause to read, play…

Cloudy with a Chance of ... Gluten? (Or, Respond to Celiac, Not React)

"But what if you have Celiac Disease?" one of my preschoolers asked last semester before I relocated.


I have another preschooler who has had a rash of food intolerances and reactions since he was a baby.  He is still gluten-free and dairy-free -- and then we read Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs.

The pancake slumped over an entire house loomed on the page, and Luke reached out a hand to keep me from turning it. He and I stared horrified at the enormous pancakes on the later pages, draped over houses and crumbling on pavements.  Or what about the raining hamburger buns pages before?



I've been staying with a host-family in my situation before I get my own flat.  They're a gluten-happy, four-kid household of 14-8 year olds who toss crumbs like confetti, and have a fave-food-fetish involving Eggo waffles.

How can something as normal as food be so dangerous?  

I know my preschoolers were trying to wrap their minds around this as…