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Relocating with Celiac: I Don't Think "Ease" Is What You (Think) You Mean

So it's been a long while.

If relocating is a whirlwind-rush without Celiac Disease, it is double-duty with it.  I spent half my moving planning time on food, and since my work requires that I train a few weeks in Virginia before I hit New England, I'm juggling eating in a non-gluten-free kitchen with four non-gluten-free kids -- two teens -- while still recovering from the last gluten-encounter.

I admit: I don't feel fancy-free tumbling much.  I did. (That might have been boosted by adrenaline.) I took the first week with amazing verve and grace.  It's hard for me to get enough food on the road, and the second week of this transition I worked 3am-midnight days at a conference. That lack of rest took the wind dead out of the sails. Understandably.

But it can be done. Imperfect, but committed, fancy-free -- and I've done quite well WHEN I have been willing to put my needs first. Gluten-free food. Enough of it.  Rest.  And gentleness.

Now I'm looking for a flat o…