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[Listers]: Nutritional Deficiencies Persist, Top Lacks Even After Diagnosis

Nutritionally deficient?  You may have undiagnosed Celiac Disease.  . . . still nutritionally deficient?  You may have diagnosed Celiac Disease.

Not often noted, the fact that diagnosed Celiac patients often continue to experience nutritional deficiencies even after a successful implementation of the gluten-free diet isn't the most popular fact on the pavement.

But 2-20 years after diagnosis, 50% still have holes in their nutrition -- sometimes dangerous ones. (1)

So without putting to blunt a bat to it, here is the list of the most common to continue to manifest.

IronCalciumB12Folate and Folic Acid and NiacinCopper, Zinc, MagnesiumProtein

In May, I hit the ER with ketoacidosis. I've been diagnosed for 5 years -- five years in May, in fact -- but for most diagnosed celiac, a deficiency doesn't show up quite so violently.

Know the symptoms.  Often, nutritional lacks pop up more from a food monotony than a serious absorption problem  or gut damage.  It's common to end up wi…

Join In! First Ever Celiac/Gluten-Free VIRTUAL Expo!

This Tuesday, 1 Jul,  the first evervirtual gluten-free expo and conference opens, brainstormed and hosted by Gluten Away -- my fellow blogger, and extraordinary Celiac Disease advocate. You can pre-register now! And by registering, you'll be up for the following...

Be entered to win a prize-pack of mind-blowing enormity, get in to receive notifications of free product sample kits, and use your social media voice to blast it across cyberspace.

Attendees must pre-register by 11:59pm on  June 30th to be entered in major giveaway.
Here is Taylor (Gluten Away's) quick sum up of the event --

GlutenAway Virtual Expo Overview Free admission32 online booths of gluten-free companies and services25+ major giveaways (valued between $30 and $300)12 product sample days - 100 free sample kits with 5 gluten-free products each dayExclusive coupons and discountsGluten-free recipesLarge and small gluten-free companies (including some great new products)Detailed product information - including alle…

Lemon (Or, If Only Aroma Aired Through Blogs) [Product Review]

At long last!  My Coconut Kitchen makes a bevy of beautifully-jarred coconut butters, small-batched and artisananlly mixed with fruits, and light touch of stevia -- and I've had four jars on hand since the GFAF Wellness Event, courtesy of Angie the founder and owner.

O, if only scent transferred over type and cyberspace.

These coconut butters, flavored as they are, make excellent baked goods. Not that they aren't pleasing spread or poured otherwise.  But when I finally got to using the Lemon Kiss, I baked, and I almost would have bought the jar simply to sit in the kitchen with the scent of lemon, and crisping scones, filling my studio.

…the scents of cooking, spices and baked goods, haven't got a price tag.  Something I missed directly after Celiac diagnosis, as I used to bake bread, and loved the aroma.

Using MCK's coconut butters, I've made Coffee-Chocolate Waffles, Lemon-Pan Crisps, and Scones.  But I made the last also with Andrea's Superfine Flour Blend. S…

CDF Expo Recap: Part Two Into Celiac Foodscape and Finds (and GIVEAWAY)

This is the food-scape of the CDF Expo, Sunday, all day.  There was enough food there to feed an army, but I wanted to highlight some of my favorites -- both new and old-campaigners in the Celiac and whole-food brand arena.

My apologies for the hiatus -- I've been sick. And that is for another post on celiac recovery, and life - limping, lilting, or lancing as it does.

Authentic Food's founder, Steve, has just developed a new flour blend claiming to get true rise out of bread.  And the bread did bloom, or at least, the dough did.

The samples had the chew of pull-apart baguettes, but not quite the flavor and lightness that Cloud 9 manages (beyond all explaining that bread. Order it online if you don't believe me.)

But his flour blends -- especially the Garfava -- are some of the best quality in gluten-free options for baking on the market.

Better than the bread was AF's informational session detailing cross-contamination, cooking, and shared kitchens.

A brill new waffle

Food Events, Celiac-Style: Regional San Diego, CA with B-Green Food!

An all-time favorite brand of mine is B-Green Foods.  I should say, rather, B-Green makes a product of a food I used to love and fell-well-out-of-love-with during the harrowing hell of pre-celiac diagnosis and illness.

They also keep a keen edge on their social and celiac awareness, promoting sustainable agriculture, and responsible consumerism in regard to food through their brand. I'm pleased to invest in the holistic-happy edge to producing a food culture based on naturally gluten-free grains, non-GMO ingredients, and organic farming.
…but that would be small comfort if they hadn't got Black Rice, Soba, and Millet pastas that can't be matched on the market. 
Why the post now though?  Because if you're in the Southern California area, B-Green is hosting a bevy of wicked tasting events.  Join in this Saturday with national chef, Keegan Gerhard at the Fashion Valley Mall in Williams-Sonoma. 

And don't just take my word for it.  Eat some pasta.

( Upcoming, …

Recipe: Thai-Spiced Soba Fusion (with Tuna Meatballs)

Packing a meal is sometimes a joy, sometimes a habit, sometimes an experiment.

I had B-Green Food's Buckwheat (Soba) Noodles on hand, though I was craving Mexican. Anyhow, I got Thai-Japanese fusion instead.
'Twas brilliant.  This noodle dish fits perfect for packing in a bento, and is a sweet-nutty-hot in a blend that matches peanut bitter to smooth carrot and ginger.

Thai-Style Soba Fusion 

serves 2

1 portion B-Green Soba (they're bound in thatches, 3 to a package)
For Meatballs:
1 can tuna, drained 1/4 cup shredded zucchini 1 tsp quick-cook GF oats 1-2 tsp miso paste 1/2 small clove garlic, finely chopped/1 tsp onion, diced fine
For Sauce:
1/2 white onion, roughly chopped 1 stalk celery, diced 1/2 small zucchini, sliced in thin rounds 1/4 small jalapeño, diced 2 tsp lime juice pepper 1/4 tsp ginger 1 tsp paprika/chili powder dash sugar or stevia soy sauce 1 tsp  Maranatha Crunchy PB or Artisana Cashew butter
Cilantro handful cashews, roughly-chooped 1-2 tsp shredded carrot


CDF Conference Recap: Fit Food, Fit Facts, Snippet-Size for Celiacs

All of Sunday, The Celiac Disease Conference ran cooking demos, informational presentations, and a full floor of fantastic gluten-free food by some of the best business and brand advocates for Celiac Disease in and out of the nation.

I got an abundant portion of the latter, and a skimming of the former.  But I really bloody wanted it to be the reverse.

Since it wasn't, I'm grateful for social media and my fellow bloggers and advocates.  Erica (Celiac and the Beast), Kirsten (Gluten Free Gal), and Raising Jack  (amongst others) put in stellar work  live-tweeting -- and I got to do the same near the end.

So take a quick duck down the myth-busting and informational-lane, tweet-style: these are the top
snippets from Saturday morning's education! 

[They're also top-snippets from top-advocates, doctors, and industry professionals in the world relating to Celiac Disease. including Dr. Alessio Fasano.  Eloquent and zany as they all were, what better way to get the yolk of the t…

Listers: Top Needs and Feeds for Athletes with Celiac Disease

"Effective treatment of celiac disease in an elite athlete depends on a successful transition to a GFD while sustaining a high-energy output. Optimal athletic performance reflects dedication and self-control while maintaining a GFD and continuing to provide the body with sufficient carbohydrate alternatives for energy." (1)
Athletes need extra -- support, guidance, and nutrition -- and that's above and before any notion of Celiac Disease.  I fenced off into National's, quite a bit before my diagnosis, and being malnourished and badly-fueled was a bloody silver bullet in the back of every one of my bouts.

Fencing elimination rounds are like running a marathon in 15 minutes.  Running a marathon in any amount of time takes a body that is cared for, and well-fed.  
Regardless, what happens when one's go-to's for protein and carbohydrates are no longer on the plate? 
I ate Cliff Bars (not gluten-free), Mini Wheats (er, obviously), non-certified oats, and bloody bea…

Shoestring Budget: Single, Celiac … Scammed?

There's a scam going on, gluten-free-wise when it comes calculating the cost of eating.

This is the truth:  It's fairly easy to eat gluten-free on a shoestring budget. In fact, most of the world -- poverty-stricken corners included -- eats gluten-free. And not for fadster soi-disant health benefits, or for medical reasons, because, all in all, naturally gluten-free food is the majority of food, and it's cheapest.

The majority of solid nutrition on this planet is quite naturally celiac-safe. Make a list -- goes on ages:  Rice, beans, lentils; meats, cheeses; eggs; vegetables and fruits; nuts and seeds; honeys, syrups; oils and fats.

It is all naturally gluten-free, and showcased in the staples of a global diet exceptional for its affordability. The slums of Rio, the lowest castes in Kolkata, every farmer and simple worker in China eats rice and beans, or rice and lentils.

And the scam is, though perhaps the poor eat it because of necessity, the variety, flavour, and abundan…

Restaurant Review: Hopdoddy Hoppin' With Gluten Free Know-How

Options: Dairy-free, Gluten-free.  Salads available for vegan/vegetarian. No protein option

If you miss the experience of a bursting burger, heaped high with all the fixings -- not to mention clean, grass-fred meats and fresh local, organic produce -- you may not need to miss it much longer.

I stopped off in Austin, TX on my recent jaunt across the U.S. to the Gluten Free Allergen Free  Event in St Louis, where one of my dearest friends lives. There, my friend wanted to show me all of the options for celiac-safe dining out, and around the corner wasHopdoddy: Austin-unique burger joint.

Oy, I'm still highly anxious in any environment where cross-contamination can occur.

But I was surprised and impressed by Hopdoddy's immediate awareness and understanding of cross-contamination, safe-handling procedures, and the risks of a shared kitchen to celiac diners. The cashier knew each ingredient added to the toppings on the Ahi Tuna Burger, and ticked off which they would need to remove …

Product Review: Potapas, Potillas...Tortillas Tricked-Out on Taters

...and real stretch and fold for gluten-free burritos.

These are tortillas of a 'tater persuasion, and they make other rounds -- gluten-free and gluten-full included -- weep. Each day I try one of these blokes, I'm jolted by happy surprise, whether I've got them sweet with figs and almond butter or wrapped round Better Bean Company's wonderful Rethought Red's for a perfect burrito. 
They have amazing taste, texture, and pliability. Not to mention they're really ... " Tortillas that taste like french fries . " They really do. And they don't crack. They don't flake. They don't creak at the joints, threatening soggy or brittle breakage any moment as you spoon in fillings.
Made of chickpea flour and potatoes, non-GMO, taco-sized by all-kinds flexible with the mouth-watering flavour of a chip or American french fry, Potapas makes a true tortilla. Uniquely gluten-free, uniquely itself.

Try them anyhow, any way, sweet or savoury -- the potato-flavo…

Listers: Literary Resource -- Read It and [Don't] Weep

All sorts of resources abound now for Celiac Disease.  But one thing that may have been lacking has been a quality library of literature.  I don't mean merely medical write-ups and what-not. I mean literature: personal stories, wordsmithing explorations of or from those with celiac, or those directly involved in the treatment of it.

Oy, sure, there has been heaps of faster and not-so-fadster fiddlings bouncing round ideas about the gluten-free diet. (For ex.: Wheat Belly.)

But I love to read. It's personal commitment and concrete experience that make a story. And it is stories that form and heal the emotional and interpersonal aspect of a disease such as celiac because it is stories that bypass the nitpick-knowing of the analytical mind, and yet integrate it with the intuitive and emotional.

Anyhow, I have had the privilege of reading two fairly new additions to the bibliosphere, one by my fellow blogger and advocate, Erica Dermer (Celiac and the Beast Blog); and one by the l…

Shoestring Budget: Celiac, Stem, Root, and Leaf

...or use it all, save coin, gain flavor. If you live on a shoestring budget, I've found using everything can make all the difference. Not to mention it saves heaps of the paycheck.

There isn't so very much resource for singly-living and single-portion cooking out there. Although my fellow blogger, and stellar meal-planner, Pam at does wonders at it, she cooks for a family.

How to shoestring budget then, and eat well, homecooking and single portion?  It's easy to buy in bulk at a cheap as chips price. But what if you've only one mouth to feed, and a produce drawer full of rotting spinach?

Here's a recipe that sums up shoestringing-it.  Not only does it use every scrap to make a bloody excellent gluten-free, dairy-free, even vegan, Brazilian bean meal, it effects a healthy attitude towards using the resource we have.  There's an abundance in this world. Practising budget and awareness means we get to use it, not lose or abuse it.

Even if you don…

CDF Conference, LA: Celiac Ain't No Disability

I love that Celiac Disease gives me the encouragement -- not to say the necessity and impetus -- to explore and experiment with the natural abundance of food and flavour in the world.

Tomorrow is the Celiac Disease Foundation's National Conference in Los Angeles. It is a holy hotbed of support, huge in scale compared to other events.  But one of the things I enjoy most about it is the chance to explore new brands, discover new tweaks on gluten-free food, and experience the creativity and ingenuity of others in creating foods fit for the gluten-free prescription.

Food is healing. Oftimes we hear this trumpeted in the culture with frenetic diet-induced eat-perfect (or orthorexic) mentality.  But that's the precise opposite of how food heals.

For those with Celiac Disease, food heals and helps when it is gluten-free. But it's a whole process, nourishment: healing with food is a process of preparation, ingredients, creativity, and enjoyment.

Ditch enjoyment, and there is no heal…

GFAF Event St Louis: Community Tops It All

I'm ticking off the days now til the next two Gluten Free Allergen Free Wellness Events - Raleigh, NC and Little Rock, AR! Oy, can you say brilliant? Because Nikki Everett's celiac and wellness support events are.

This one-day wonder of community-building, outreach, education, and good food, neatly encompassed what it means to pursue -- and gain -- wellness. Wellness, especially when it comes to diseases that affect our ability to obtain, retain, and share nourishment, must include more than just a switch-up of foods.

Substituting gluten-free bread for whole-wheat may help heal the gut. But no gluten-free bread in the world will take away the isolation of being unable to join friends or family and break the same bread

One of the beautiful things about the Wellness events is their community and education-based focus.

I spent a mad-brilliant evening enjoying a wholly gluten-free buffet at The Nest St. Louis Friday evening, making those irreplicable personal connections…