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Recipe: Apple Fritter Oats!

Experiments are the best part of shoestring budgets married to gluten-free and celiac necessity.
I grew up eating oatmeal, which my little sister called mote-mo. When I tramped off to uni, I ached for oatmeal porridge like it was home.

When I was diagnosedceliac, I hated oats, they hurt my gut, and I never wanted to touch the things. Then I discovered certified oats, and checking in with the doc, found I might be able to eat them safely and freely.
I still didn't for two or three years.
Someone gifted me a sack of Bob's Red Mill Certified Gluten Free oats last year though. I ended up packing them in neat "Penny-Pincher" Instant Porridge portions to go with me to Ireland. (An ace way to have breakfast on-the-road: 1/2 quinoa or oat flakes, handful banana chips or dried fruit, cinnamon, chopped nuts. Add to a ziploc bag. A dash of boiling water from a tea carafe cooks them, and voila, breakfast. Much more cost effective than buying those single serve packets.)
But mak…

Listers: Top 6 Celiac Pet Peeves

Do you have a food-related, or gluten-free pet peeve?

I like turning my peeves on their head, so that they tumble off the deep end of my thoughts and leave me be and free. But peeves can be part of solidifying an identity, and celiacs have quite a few. Thus, last one is a community peeve -- and humourous.

1. My Own Brain. (It can be deadly, look!) Oh no poor me I can't.

But the world is not written in scarcity.

A recent article by a fellow celiac mentioned how she made sure to get her pizza and beer. It was gluten-free pizza, and gluten-free beer -- it was safe. But it was pizza and beer. She wasn't buying into that little wallowing voice of deprivation.

But my brain can be a breeding ground for self-pity if it is linked up to celiac disease as an identity, so I've rather taken to airing it out, so it doesn't peeve me so badly.

2. CONSTANT VIGILANCE. (And social events with food.)

I still occasionally panic in a kitchen or room full of food either I can't eat, or fo…

Tumblers: [ GFAF Expo ] Capsule Reviews [ II ]

What else do you need?

Well, perhaps a few new products to taste and test.  Here is a new batch of capsule reviews from the Expo.  Beans, beans, and beans!  ...and a transplant from Ireland, which I gravely missed until they surprised me, and showed up in San Francisco.

So get a table, a chair, and a bowl of fruit... a violin (or music) -- and add Linwoods to the fruit, and Flor de Mayo bean tostadas to the table.  Friends will come crowding.

ELEGANT BEANS (free of all...except beans)

I love Elegant Beans. I met Chip and Bobbie at the Expo, and spent a good 45 minutes simply enjoying their company.  From learning the history of their heirloom bean farm, to discussing the saucer-eyed-stunning fact that lupin bean flour is a protein powerhouse (and delicious), I could have spent the rest of the Expo with them.

But they had the best product for value and quality in the show.  I finally got to cooking up the samples I took.  Heirloom Tostadas! I'm bloody keen on pintos.  Perhaps it com…

Love Thee Some Gluten Free: GFAF Expo in Phoenix!

'Tis St. Valentine's Day.  Instead of chocolates or roses, how about a third of a ticket to the next Gluten Free Allergen Free Expo hitting Phoenix next weekend? As I meandered through my inbox, I found a quick scribble from Maureen Stanley this morning -- and I've got a code to share with any one of my followers for discounted entry!

If you missed my roadtrip up the Western coast to San Francisco, you missed out on what a brilliant opportunity the Expo is for anyone with an allergy or celiac disease.  I met Jill with CeliAction (currently doing research, and taking celiac individuals willing to be polled), not mention  Amy Burkhardt, a specialist in treating celiac disease, and Deepa Deshmukh, a dietitian whose talk on nutrition was knock-out.  Anyhow, if you can get yourself -- or a loved one -- off to the GFAF Expo, they'll not only get a two-day dose of support, information, and new options, you or they will get your own weight in samples, all gluten free, celiac-s…

Product Review and Shoestringing Pancakes! (Or, Teeccino For Coffee Fix that Fixes)

I woke up to coffee this morning…that wasn’t coffee.
For any of you –celiac or otherwise – who don’t tolerate the acid or caffeine of the black sludgy mug, but miss it like mad, I’ve found the solution: Teeccino. Herbal, nutty, coffee-that-isn’t-coffee. And tastes like the best medium-sweet caramel-undertoned roast.
I had it this morning with a  huge pancake (recipe below).
Many celiacs have some inexplicable cross-reaction to coffee.  Whether it’s the acid content, or some other compound, I don’t believe its been discovered.  But if you do miss that morning brew, Teeccino substitutes with no cut in quality.
Personally, coffee always made me sleepy.
I also loved it with the pancake below, which is a great shoestringing breakfast, saves your weight in coin by avoiding the whole-paycheck-cost of gluten-free pancakes mixes, and tastes like a chewy-coffee-cake-in-a-skillet. The quinoa gives it a nice nuttiness as well, and crunchy inner texture.

The Breakfast and The Recipe.

Celebrate Life, Lesson I. (Or, Product Review: Pure Pantry Cake and Birthdays!)

I was forgetting to meander this last week with trying to tie-up ten dozen product reviews, move house, and bloody be serious about the whole bloody thing.  But one of the best things about learning (and re-learning) what it means to grow up is laughing.  But the very best thing I've found out about growing up is that there's no such thing as grown up as a noun -- a "grown up" is an oxymoron.

Growing up is a hike not a destination.  So just as feeding myself gluten-free is a priority, and self-care -- vital to my health -- so is laughing; so is pausing; and so is making time to eat slowly, peacefully, and prioritize the process, not the product.

 I shall repeat:  it's a process, not a destination -- and I used to associate it  with a damning state of being serious. One really gets to say "I'm growing up" all the time, not at one sudden moment. It's oxymoronic to say "I'm grown up". Grown up where? How did you stop?

Growing up is a …

Tumblers: [ Gluten/Allergen Free Expo ] Capsule Reviews [ I ]

For the sake of economy, I'm stringing the landslide of great products from the GFAF Expo in San Francisco into manageably sippable tumblers. Thus, Capsule Reviews.

I can't say the Expo was wickedly full of shoe stringing options. It is still the nature of manufactured GF foods to be a bit dear, and wallet-denting.  But that's not to say there weren't half a dozen foods that would more than give you a bang for your...well, twenty bucks, ten-fifteen quid, what-have-you.

The first -- and I hope to be able to do a giveaway for these excellent noodles -- was Explore Asian.

EXPLORE ASIAN (GF pasta, particularly) dairy-free, gluten-free, nut-free, corn-free, grain-free

Explore Asian offers gluten-free, rice-free, in fact, grain-free noodles: fettuccine, spaghetti, and linguini.  They do the stellar GF cartwheel that so few brands try: being gluten-free excellently sans trying to mimic wheat.  So what are they made of? Beans! Soy, Adzuki, Black and Mung. Far from being tough or…