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GFAF Expo: Nourishing Knock-Out of An Event

The Gluten Free and Allergen Free Expo was a huge success.  And I'm exhausted.  I red-eyed the roadtrip drive up to San Francisco -- 450 miles, about 700 kilometers -- in one night. I may be putting sentences together  like baby-jamming a jigsaw. I got back late Sunday evening, right to work Monday teaching preschool, and a heaping 3 freelance articles due Tuesday AM, to say nothing of 50 business cards collected at the Expo, and a mind racing mad and happy at all the new finds and strategies.

Can you do San Francisco as a celiac on $100? Yes. You can. If you're tough enough to sleep in the back of your car, pack your own provisions, and blog for a brilliant expo while there.

Exhaustion passes with a few days of sleep and good meals, though.

I want to thank the organizers of the event for putting together such a stellar resource. The variety and diversity of the products and brands they featured was only matched by the quality and range of their speakers.

So, popping right off…

Look Out For . . .

In the next few weeks, look out for features.  I'll be writing on showcase subjects, some of which you have requested.

For example,  How Do You Travel with Celiac (or Other Food Intolerance)?

New Product Reviews!

Celiac Safe Restaurants

Recipes -- (whole food, on-shoestring-budget, creatively)

shoestringing-cheapexperimentslocal, fresh, fusion -- and naturally GF!Don't-Get-in-a-Rut sociallyemotionallymeal-wise! And... Celiac Identity Series: a disease is not what makes you who you are, but food is something that often defines and circles our lives, and it runs deep. How deep?  
I'll also be showcasing some of the surprising (and not-so-suprising-but-still-excellent) products I discovered at the GFAF Expo in San Francisco, including product reviews, giveaways, and a feature on Nourishment Beyond Food (It's My Life, Not My Life!)

Recipe: Sweet Tater Breakfast Muffins! (Or What's Your Morning Narrative?)

Breakfast,  I thought wildly, where's breakfast, and can I eat it?

If this is your morning narrative on a travelling expedition, you may be celiac.  But thank heaven for Ireland!

The best place I've yet shared food in is Ireland.  In fact, I sat down to my first properly Irish breakfast with two other women who also had celiac -- and the entire table knew what gluten-free meant in that context.

But that's just to say it was the least knuckle-biting of my travel encounters.  And I planned on having no recourse for food unless I provided it myself. Thus, the Sweet Potato Breakfast Muffin.

I was in Ireland for two weeks for 100 mile (or 150 kilometer, give or take) walk from the North down to Dublin. That sort of thing is no time to be caught without sustenance.  So not only did I stuff my pockets with Rise Bars , my luggage with mini-baked-omelot-egg-cakes, and my backpack with nut butter sandwiches -- I also packed neatly paper-wrapped packages of Sweet Potato Breakfast Muf…

GFAF Expo San Francisco, Here I Come!

One of the worst parts of celiac can be the perception of having no, or few, options -- not just food-wise: social events, good medical care, understanding friends or support.

One of the best parts of celiac disease is having an expo all to oneself.

I am hopscotching excited to be an Official Blogger for the Expo 2014 in San Francisco this year!  Not only is it an opportunity to hit the road, expos like this smash the false perception that celiac restricts options -- living with celiac disease is not a life sentence, it is an opportunity to explore more options, alternatives I would never have seen without the "disease's" prodding to look after my well-being.

GFAF Expos creates a cultural and concrete opportunity to enjoy learning, enjoy food, and enjoy people. No anxiety over cross-contamination or misunderstanding included.

Not long ago, I reviewed Rudi's GF Tortillas after volunteering at the San Diego Gluten Free Expo in 2013. I'm excited to see Rudi's is …

Product Review: Rise Bars!

These bars are whole-food like a baby's-fist-full of fruit, nuts, and honey. No, not icky -- delicious! Sans the spit, of course.
But honestly, Rise Bar is a gluten free find for the year. Thye make gluten-free, whole-food, environmentally conscious breakfast and workout bars that balance taste, texture, and nutrition with a pleasant and solid grace. 
My favourite by far are the Cashew-Almond Breakfast Bars. But you can't go wrong with Rise. Every variety is organic, honey (or rice syrup) sweetened, knotted with fruit-flavour (from date, to cherry, to pineapple, or berry!), and textured and moist. You likely know how granola bars can be choke-your-mum dry, throat-sticking and salty. Rise Bars' moist, date-like chewiness, set-off by the crunch of nuts or seeds, don't require half a pinto of water to wash down.
Did I mention they also use unrefined sugars (honey or agave and fruit)? 
So are you looking for a celiac-safe snack-in-a-pack? I'm no bar-breakfast type -- …

Health: Celiac Disease Is No Joke -- Be Your Own Advocate in the New Year

Sometimes, no matter how much you explain -- or don't explain -- no one will understand or respect your needs.

This includes medically diagnosed diets.

Especially during the holidays, things can be mad. Food flies. (Literally and figuratively.) Family members know you best and know you least. Housemates get giggly and grogged on too much nog.

They think 'tis funny to something like the heinous prank described below by a celiac writing on Tumblr:
infinitefernweh asked: My housemates were making 300 gingerbread cookies the other day for something on campus. I heard them say "just sprinkle the flour right on the counter". From my room on the second floor I yell "NO LOOSE FLOUR ON THE COUNTER", that annoyed them.... We pulled a prank on one of my roommates the other day and she got really mad and yelled "it's all fun and games until flour ends up in your stomach or on your pillow". Then they gave me flour for xmas... I feel like they think celiac …