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Of Breakfasts; or How Good Food Takes Time (Recipe: Stuffed French Toast)

Spend time on yourself. Being celiac has made me slow down. Before, I rather had the tendency to run roughshod over myself at madcap speeds -- raw bagel snatched on the way out to fencing practise; noshing but forgetting supper; leaving for a day without packing a lunch, or supper.
Breakfast could be hardest.
But having celiac has given me the opportunity to re-examine that behavior; and oy, it didn't work so well. It certainly doesn't work when I need to maintain a wheatless, uncontaminated, gluten-free and dairy-free diet.
Out of that introspection, Chocolate Stuffed French Toast (GF, DF, Soy-free) was born.

It's purty, isn't it?

It's also a good balance between self-care and gentleness and self-indulgence. I find one can indulge fairly easily these days -- although perhaps not while shoe-stringing it budget-wise. But it's harder to eat consciously, slowly, gently, and with friends.

This recipe takes a little preparation time. But it is cheap, easy, and make…

Recipe: 'Tis the Season Smoothies!

I've been ill. But that's no excuse for neglecting my blog...though it is a solid segue way into the ups and downs, and in-betweens of Celiac disease. Identity and anxiety play hugely into any disease -- but perhaps especially into one so intimately linked up with food, since food is wrapped into family, community, social interaction and Pan-knows-what-else.

For lighter things, though -- Pumpkin Pie Smoothie! [GF, DF, NF]

And it is light, not to mention delicious. This simple blend of fresh organic pumpkin, light spicing, and vanilla protein powder makes an amazing facsimile of true pie-out-of-the-pan. Except better. Perhaps.

Well, you ought to try it.

Simple ingredients, clean, and easy and good on the gut -- after all, ginger heals all things inside, or so they say. It certainly soothes an upset tummy.
1/2 or 3/4 cup pureed pumpkin 1 cup ice 1/2 cup chopped fennel (optional) 1/2 teaspoon diced fresh ginger 1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar 1 serving protein powder of ch…