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Product Review: Sweet Silver Hills! Bakery Bread (Omega Flax) [ Take 2 ]

First, Chia Chia . . . could it get better? Omega Flax matches it, if it doesn't actually one-up it.

Silver Hills Bakery makes two gluten free options: Chia Chia, an excellent blend of sorghum and chia seeds, and Omega Flax, similar but that it blends the sorghum with whole flax seeds. I can't repeat often enough how much I enjoy the Chia Chia (you can read that review here).

It's a bread that takes being gluten free to heart, plays up its own strengths, and doesn't make a daft dodge at trying to be mistaken for gluten-full. Soft, flavourful, versatile; doesn't crumble; good toasted or plain.

And I'll keep this review short: Omega Flax is just as good, if not better -- and has the added subtle nuttiness of the flax which complements the sweet sorghum perfectly.

I've been having a ball toasting it with soft-boiled eggs in the morning. For lunch, I've made open-faced sandwhiches with salmon or toasted tofu.

It makes a wonderful strawberry-almond-butter sna…