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Product Review: Sweet Silver Hills! Bakery Bread

I have not been so pleased with bread since I was a baby, and got to chew a wad of French baguette with steak. Though even that may not touch my experience with Silver Hills and their  GF Chia Chia Bread.

A quick and emphatic caveat: It is not at all like proper wheat bread. Second and more emphatic caveat:  Thank God -- it has all the more room to explore its own flavour, texture and excellence.
One bug at the bottom of the bread basket in any and all GF products which seek to imitate, emulate, fake their little toddles into being exactly like wheat is that they are always stuck at just comparable. They must always be compared. They can't ever branch out, enhance and celebrate their own unique flavour, texture, shape -- or the creativity of their baker. And they are always just a crumb short -- if not quite a bit more than that -- from their gluten-gilded cousin.
But it is an honest itch on my celiac mind -- the imitation of all the gluten. It hasn't got gluten. It will be d…