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Product Review: Tortillas to a 'T'

Rudi's [ Tortillas ]

So a bit of a tortilla claims it can bend and fold and wrap like a rubber band -- well, why not? That's what gluten does. It sticks and goos, so to speak. So this bit of tortilla claims it, but it hasn't got the gluten going, and we're supposed to believe it?

I got samples of Rudi's Plain and Fiesta Tortillas at the recent celiac expo, and I gave them a very skeptical eye. (But I was working the Rudi's table (photos to come), and I thought -- I really ought to give this a try, or I'll be a dead-duck of a product ambassador.)

After all, they might bend. They might wrap. But my experience has been that any product trying to imitate gluten is a poser and prat from the get-go. And these products fall into two categories: a) Those that do what they say, but are filled with a boot-load chemical conglomerates, and taste like tar or b) Those other ones that taste all right, even good, but can't do a back bend (or whatever else they claim) t…