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Celiac Expo! Tumbling Hits San Diego

Let's break this post up a bit prior to  diving in:

Expo (experience)


San Diego Gluten Free Scene

I got the grande olde pleasure of being driven down the Southern California coast to Del Mar, where the Celiac Disease Expo was set up at the fairgrounds.  It was also free since I'd volunteered to be a brand rep and all-around helper at the show.

First, I ran into several familiar brands. Udi's was there, with their new Harvest Crunch Muffins, and a plenitude of cookie samples. GoldMine and Ohsawa were around the corner -- will have to come back to them; Veganaise had its table. Happy Family Brands was showing off GF fruit smoothie-packs for adults and tots in BPA free squeezers, along with rice cakes and puffs. [Luna and Larry's ]Coconut Bliss froze a whole section with towering tubs of dairy-free, gluten-free organic ice cream. Pamela's was also there, with cookie jars and the amazingly ever-popular baking mix. Also, Hilary's Eat Well, …