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Restaurant Review: Red Brick Pizza

I rarely eat out. But when I do, I research exhaustively, and after weeks calling different locations, reading reviews online, and looking at ingredient lists, I decided my date could take me to Red Brick Pizza. They make quite a fuss about their gluten free options (as well as their healthy outlook and natural ingredients).
Good sounds, yes? Not only that, but they had been certified by GIG (Gluten Intolerance Group), and trained, so as to know the risks of celiac disease, cross contamination, and safe food prep.

It follows then that they have separate pizza stones, and utensils, for the gluten free crusts. The crusts come wrapped and frozen, and are set on their own "screen" before being shoved onto the safe stone in the far corner of the brick-oven on a dedicated spatula-like shovel.

Everything is prepared directly in front of you. So I stood sentinal. And watched.

Being dairy-free also puts rather a kink in my dining out. (The truth is, budget is more important. It is e…