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Product Reviews: A Bread Like Any Other, or Not

Breads are made for gluten -- at least, the spongy fluffy sliced kind are. I know naans and flatbreads and tortillas that are much better sans gluten, and I enjoy onigiri as much as the next. But loaves are a wheat-inspired dream. They rise and stick and stretch because of that indigestible protein, gluten.

That said, gluten free breads have come along. And I'm going to review two today.

Firstly, Udi's -- the current go-to for most gluten-free folk and celiacs.
Old packaging there.

Anyhow, Udi's has gotten a name for being the best in terms of quality, texture, taste, nutritional value, and surprising and often-unachievable lightness. (You may or may not have tried breads prior, but though distinct in flavour and seedcake chewy, rice breads were heavy-heavy-heavy. Rather like lead if it could be turned to grain, ground, and baked, with a nice sweet under-taste.)

Udi's is an excellent choice, though a bit too light and airy to replicate peanut butter and on honey on thi…

Recipes: Cranberry Almond Cookies

After an age of rushing around like a hare with its ears in a bee-hive, I've left this another month without a blink or quip.

I've had heaps of gluten free and celiac experiences, not to say recipes. But today, I'll keep it simple.

It is the holidays. Channakuh, Christmas, in particular. Cookies are huge, and so is baking. But these happy days are also hugely full of gluten; and the cookies plates at parties are the last place I want to be as a celiac. In fact, I tend to get fed up -- not literally -- with food this time of year, at least the festive sort, because it takes so much time to make something for all or any occasion, so much money to buy something (often sub-par), and an inescapable discomfort to explain to every acquaintance why I'm not stuffing cookies.

Do you know, it is NOT a fad diet. I cannot eat your cookie. Thank you. It might kill me.

Sometimes, more important than food, is friends. It's easy to mix food up with feelings -- food is surrounded by …