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The Hiatus Unintended -- And Other Plans That Weren't


Before I go on about anything, accept my apologies for the unplanned disappearance of months. I was ill, and then travelling -- and my work keeps my scribbling at a pace that some times drowns all outside opportunities peck out even the slightest comments on gluten-free scavenging.

An unintended -- but more welcome -- consequence of the travelling side of my absence was picking up a bootload of brilliant gluten-free survival strategies. I am celiac, and there is no restaurant set up for me. Well, perhaps a few. (Chocolatree in Sedona, AZ, may be one of the very few, and Cloud 9 in San Juan Capistrano, CA.) Only they aren't dotted out on a map conveniently, nor half as available as the ubiquitous Starbucks, McDonalds, or if travelling in Japan or China, Singapore or Thailand, wheat-filled noodle-stands.

But I found two things that made two-weeks of wild-mayhem-sort-of-travel affordably, fairly peacefully, doable -- (er, without starving too. Excellent thing to avoid.)