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Pancake, Sandwhich, Fruit, Waffle or Cracker Toppings

I enjoy chocolate. I briefly fled it, as one of many things I feared might also contribute to my feeling ill-- in fact, I ran away from a lot of foods I had previously enjoyed even after diagnosis, with the vague idea that if I got all the foods I ate perfectly ordered, simple, GLUTEN FREE, and...some amorphous idea of SAFE, I'd be all right. Forever.

This is an illusion. Even if I control everything, I really don't control everything, and I lost my enjoyment of food, of life for a while in that fear. Because ultimately, it was fear that made me think there was ever a right way to eat, as opposed to a gluten free flexible and curious way to eat.

That's my opener. Now to the recipes. Home-made is often best-made especially when it comes to being celiac, because the ingredients are right there, and the kitchen is right there, and one knows what is going in, and what will come out (at least gluten-free-wise).

For the Pancakes I've posted, and Crackers, and Others, I like …

Recipe: Coconut-Teff Sweet Crackers ! (or breakfast flakes)

Coconut-Teff, and a new recipe!

I don't miss pancakes much because I always felt like I'd eaten lead and been hit in the back of skull after eating them, and then had a day of gut-scraping pain.

But one day I felt like experimenting, and I made the  the above. I thought I had posted my pancake recipe previously, I but I haven't--anyhow, if making pancakes, ignore the notes on how to make crackers. But in this one, I added extra zucchini after skilleting the first few (as shown), and water. When I had a nice smooth batter  - rather watery - I dolloped it on to wax paper in silver dollar-sized rounds, and set the oven for 400F.

They take 20mins to 1/2 an hour, and I let them sit another few in the oven with the heat off. They end up crispy and delicate, and if you don't want to use them as crackers, you can also crumble them into flakes. As flakes, they're sweetish-to-chewy (in milk) cold cereal, and satisfying.