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Eating Out--After Three Years or So

I was gluten'ed horribly about a month or so ago, and it still feels uglier in my gut that I'm used to. The fact that I spent the worst week of it in denial, and terrible depression, didn't help much, but wasn't surprising all in all: I didn't want to think I'd been gluten'ed when I couldn't imagine where it happened.

All that aside--I'll post on cross-contaminants, house-sitting, and the myriad elses elsewhere--I got the chance to go out to eat this past weekend. As an emphatic note: I trust no one with my food. I do not trust Z Pizza and their half-cocked sometimes trained cooking staff, and shared ovens; I do not trust arbitrary little Mexican places; I don't trust the cafe staff not to dribble crumbs in tea or coffee (and I bloody well don't trust Domino's, all good intentions aside). But I had read Laura's post at Gluten Free Traveller that--in her meanderings a travers le monde--she had stopped in Santa Monica California, and b…