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And How to Navigate the Family Food & Fun

Forgive my gap in posts. I had the ill-luck to run into pneumonia immediately following a bad mix-up of foodstuffs involving my roommate / landlady, and since I have no internet at home, I wasn't even able to blog from the semi-fog of gluten'ed and ill.
But that's an easy segue into an apt Celiac topic, especially this Easter Sunday: Sharing kitchen space, and holidays.
Holidays can be bloody fraught with anxiety when one has Celiac, or any food intolerance. Although I could go into detail like so many foxes in a log, I think the most salient point is simple: feelings aren't facts, but how we treat them are.
Acknowledge the worry, bad memories, weird family dynamics (of which there are often many), and once you've given yourself the affirmation, move on to what you can do.
In the past, I've made a list.
I can't control others' attitudes or actions; I can ask for what I need.I can't remove all possibility of gluten at a family/friend's/acquaintance…