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Half-Second Coconut Cookies!

I've noticed gluten free baked goods often have hellishly harrowing recipes, full of three bowl sytems, dried ingredients here, other dried stuffs there, and then wet (which is also a chemistry experiment in timing and temperatures) are off over there, in a third bowl. Stuff you've never heard the name of before? Xanthan what? Arrowroot powder? Is it the same as tapioca? And then the moment where you squint at the fine print, and think, oh Thor and Odin, are there beans in my cookies?

I never saw the point of all that fuss. Gluten-filled cookies are lovely if they don't sear the villi out of your gut, but gluten-free cookies are just as good, and they don't have to be precisely the same sort of good, the same taste, or any of the aforementioned.
In fact, since I was diagnosed, I've found I make a lot better finished product by experimenting, and sticking to simple, whole, and GF ingredients.
These thumb-sized cookies are a perfect blend of flavour, lovely texture, …